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    Default 226 days until we are NO LONGER VIRGINS!

    No longer Jamacia or Couples Virgins that is!!!

    It's been one week since I booked our 20th anniversary dream vacation to CSA and can NOT wait!!! Neither of us have EVER been anywhere out of the USA! After months of looking at TA reviews of many many different AI resorts, I kept coming back to CSA over & over again. Then I finally realized that I was answering my own questions of "how does a person pick one place to go and just where are we going to go?".... THANK GOD for their fall promotion!

    Be prepared everyone ~ I am filled with so much excitement and so many questions (many of which ARE answered here, but I know I'll have more)! I also apologize in advance if I become a pest on here as it gets closer to my dream vacation! Just want to be more then 100% prepared for my trip of a lifetime!

    BTW ~ we will be staying Oct. 21st - 28th ~ anyone else going there the same time????

    ~Deb & Rick~

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    Congratulations to the "popping of your cherry" when it comes to the resorts! My fiance and I are also looking forward to the de-virginization as well We get married November 17, and will be at Couples Tower Isle 11/19-11/26...we couldn't be more excited either...and I feel like I will be one of those post pests as well...but the only way to assauge the excitment is to indulge the in excitement of others!!

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    Congrats Soon-to-be-Mrs.H. on your upcoming wedding and honeymoon!! They will both be happening before you know it!

    I still can't believe that I actually have this vacation booked! We have never gone anywhere out of the US and the only place we've really gone has been Disney. Once on our honeymoon and we took our kids in 2009. I figured it was about time I turned my travel dreams into reality & it's starting with traveling to Jamaica & ultimately CSA!!

    Look forward to learning as much as possible prior thanks to this message board. Think I'm already a little obsessed with reading almost every message on here and I still have about 224 days to go...

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    I totally hear ya! We have 252 days to go (250 to the wedding) and I keep coming on the MB to read when it's slow at work

    I am very happy that you will get to a second honeymoon! I haven't even gotten to this resort yet, and I'm already telling my fiance that we should save up for a trip every other year. When the house and kids come eventually, not sure if it will be a reality though

    We have also never been out of the country together. He has been to Canada for work, but that doesn't even really count :-P I am going to get my passport this week...SO excited! And yay for a kid-less vacation for you!!!

    Crazy that we will miss each other by less than a month...not that we would be at the same resort, but who knows how easy it is to run into people on the planes and stuff!

    I am happy to share your excitement and "OCD" when it comes to the message boards...we can be each other's support through the next few months

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