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    Hi there! I just want ed to say how excited I am to be going to CSA. It's my first time but my boyfriends third time. We are flying out March 12th after a tense time with Air Canada and the possibility of a strike!

    If anyone has any hints/pointers I'd greatly appreciate them!

    Thanks in advance.


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    *Take a pen to fill out imigration paperwork on the flight.
    *Take some singles to tip the airport baggage handlers $2 per bag.
    *Bring shorts and flip flops in your carry on to change into when you arrive in the Couples airport lounge for a more pleasant ride to the resort.
    *Tip your driver to the resort as he is not a regular Couples employee. (No tipping on the resort)
    *Pack plenty of sunscreen as the sun is always strong and it is expensive at the resort.
    *Pack extra bathing suits as things take longer to dry.
    *Book your catamaran trip early when you arrive.
    *Make reservations for Feathers and Lemon Grass restaurants as early as you can after arriving.
    *Take the resort tour as it is informative and you will meet some people right at the beginning of your stay.
    *Don't try to book too much off resort activities because once at the resort you may not want to leave.
    *Make sure your boyfriend has the proper clothes for the fancier restaurant. (Collared shirt, long pants, closed toe shoes...not sandals)
    Smile a lot, practice saying things like Ya mon, Respect, and No problem mon, and leave your worries at are in paradise.

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    Try the Martini Bar above the Palms for a pre-dinner cocktail. Take a night time stroll across the property. Wander the beach and check out the local vendors and flavors. And go snorkeling. It's easy, romantic and fun. CSA is the best. Enjoy.

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