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    Default Garden Verandah Suites- help

    Hey there, I am a new "couples" er headed on my first trip in a few weeks for my honeymoon. I was only able to get a GVS as no others were available. I am just wondering if ALL garden verandah suites have balconies/terraces. This is extremely important as I already gave up the ocean view that I really wanted based on availablility. I have just a few hours until my trip is 100% non refundable hopefully someone will hear me out there. We requested a higher floor with bath in hopes of getting a newer room. Is this the right way to go? How about the road? Thanks so much all and hopefully see you soon.

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    All rooms at CSA have porch. I think road noise depends on what building your in. I would search this forum for road noise to find out which building would be best.

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    Road noise depends on how close to the guard shack you are and the higher floors here noise more. I'd request as close to the great house as possible to get a newer room.

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    We've always had a GVS and never had problems with road noise. Just keep your bathroom window shut. At night with the AC you'll be hard pressed to hear anything IMO. During the day you might hear a car horn but it's no big deal - you'll most likely be at the beach or pool and you can't hear anything from the road at that point.

    You will love CSA - little slice of paradise....

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    When you get there ask for a third floor corner room GVS that is the closest to the middle of the resort as possible. Request the newer section behind the hot tub. Have a blast. CSA is the best.

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