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    Default Couples Negril - Exchange to Other Resorts

    We will be staying at Couples Negril and thru the Romanc Rewards program would like to go to Couples Swept Away. We have the following questions.
    - How long will we be able to stay.
    - Does couples provide transportation. If not how much would a privatedriver from the resort charge.

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    - You'll be able to stay for the day - 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
    - Couples will provide transportation

    And, in case you missed it, there is no nude area at Swept Away

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    We are planning on doing the same thing as Classycouple (i.e. staying at Couples Negril but would like to spend a day at Couples Swept Away through the Romantic Rewards program). Do we have to arrange this day-visit prior to arriving or can we arrange it once we get to Couples Negril? Also, I realize that Couples Swept Away does not have an AN area, but do they allow topless sunbathing?

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    Topless is allowed on the beach (not by the pool). You won't see many partaking, however.

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