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Thread: SSB activities?

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    The staff (I assume the staff) brought out a corntoss game (a been bag toss game) the last day we were there. If I known they had one, I would have asked for it sooner.

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    The planner of SSB didn't use their heads. Why would you have a pool 1' deep on half of it. There's no kids at this resort. The hot needs to be REPLACED again. IT'S A POS.

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    We were looking forward to coming the first time to SSB.......the hot tub was a big draw......might have to re-think....seems they keep buying cheapo's...... very short term thinking in a long term industry!

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    Some of that wood around the hot tub and pool looks like it should be on CSS's list of "Things to Do" before splinters become a problem. Is is smooth to walk on?

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    I'm sorry that the hot tub at SSB didn't meat your needs. This will be our 5th trip to SSB and the joy of my vacation has never depended on what was going on with the hot tub. I hope all the other awsome things about Couples and CSS and SSB gave you a great vacation!

    One Love,

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    I agree with MsHoo on the pool depth. Not so much for the need to call it a POS though.

    Has anyone else noticed that outdoor hot tubs are fairly unreliable at resorts in the Carribean? We've been to a few and they almost always have at least one or two hot tubs that don't get all that hot.

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    For a HOT hot tub, try the one above the Mineral Pool - When we were there at the end of February, it was almost scalding hot. We couldn't even get in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhallva View Post
    Some of that wood around the hot tub and pool looks like it should be on CSS's list of "Things to Do" before splinters become a problem. Is is smooth to walk on?

    That wood is mostly the same wood that was there on our 1st Sans Souci visit in 2001. No, I wouldn't really call it smooth to walk on -- I always watch my step on it. I wish they could update the bathrooms over there too.

    I really keep wishing that they would do a major overhaul of the AN facilities there..... And, I wish they would put in a hottub like the one on CN's AN beach. which is much more conducive to multiple people being in it at the same time (w/o any inappropriate contact !! haha).

    But, that said, we'll be back at our beloved Sans Souci in 14 days -- can't wait !!


    2001 CSS's AN hottub area (formerly GLSS's CO area):
    Name:  GLSS.AN.Hottub_01.01.jpg
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    CN's AN hottub:
    Name:  CN.AN.Hottub2.jpg
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    Not sure why anyone would go to Jamaica, where it's hot and humid, and want to even get in a hot tub... If I had the choice, a cool hot tub would be the cats meow....

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    We were there last week
    the hot tub works fine
    The temp was over 105, it felt plenty hot, the water level was fine
    the bubblers worked well

    not sure what people don't like
    We thought it was fine


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    Quote Originally Posted by bigwillie View Post
    Mid July 2011, I counted 18 couples in and around the pool on the busiest day. An intense volleyball game was taking place. It usually varies day to day and week to week. I think this past July was busier that years past, on average, 10 to 14 couples during our visits.
    On our busiest day this July there were 50 people in the pool and another 20 on the beach area. Now that included a lot of Tower Isle people that came over on a red flag day. Mostly on average we had around 40-50 people total with 20-40 in the pool in the afternoon.
    Jeff (Mandynjeff)

    Admin - Couples Resorts Photos - flickr group
    Admin - facebook/CouplesResortsJamaica

    CSS: 2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013
    CN: 2013

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    OK, I take it back !! Since last Aug (2011) they have replaced all of the wood making up the deck around the hottub at Sunset Beach:

    CSS's AN hottub Aug 2012:

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