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    Default Who's Going 8/12-8/19 @ CN

    Hello All:

    My fiance and I are crazy excited about our honeymoon and 1st trip ever to CN in August, and we thought it could be an added bonus if we got to know anyone who might be there at that same time.....Let us know!!!!

    Also, should we have any weather concerns about this time period? Any experience from veteran CN visitors?


    C & L

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    We will be at couples negril aug 16-23, so save us some tonic and grey goose. You will have a woderful time. See you there. R & C.

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    C&l. We will be there the 16 - 23 of August. From the feed back I got about the weather. It seems to shower in the afternoon for a brief time. I was worried about that as well. But I have heard from dome people who always go in August and say they have never been completely washed out. We are going to celebrate my 40 th b- day on the 19 th. 146 days I think. Lol! See you then. K&M.

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