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    Default Piano Bar at CTI

    Are there song sheets at the Piano Bar that people can use to sing along with?

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    Yes. the books are full of many old favorites. the piano players were very accommodating. We had a great time.

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    Yes, and may I add that it is a complete BLAST!!! We have so much fun at the piano bar, man....I can't wait to get back!!!

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    Bkhiatty----do you karaoke????? Hubby will----I'm still chicken!!!

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    Oh YEAH, I karaoke!! It is so much fun....I'll drag you up with me in January!!!!

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    Oh my!!! Hubby has been trying to get me to do this for 9 years now!!! I sing in the shower and in the car----sing in the choir too---but that's with a bunch of other people!!! I know Bob Marley's will have to be part of the equation............and then it's still a big Maybe!! JamaicaHound is a karaokier (is that a word???) too!!!!

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    Tell hubby that this may be the year!!!

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    I have always said and live also, by the words of my uncle----I will do a solo when the pope gets married. LOL Are there enough bob marley's in the world----we'll see!!!????

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