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    Default Insulated Mugs for ice water

    Hi Everyone! want to first say thank you for all of the information that you have provided while I've been lurking. My DH and I will be CSS from May 3 - May12. I'm a big ice water drinker during the day while in the sun. Is there a place that I can fill up my big mug that I normally take? I know that the bartenders are not allowed to fill those big mugs up and don't want to get anyone in trouble.

    Thanks so much for all of your great information!

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    Of course the bartenders can fill your mug with water for you! I am a huge water/diet pepsi drinker while we're at Couples. I always bring my insulated mug and have never had a problem getting my fill of water or diet pepsi. I started taking some crystal light singles on the last few trips and I love the variety of flavours I can now enjoy while on vacation. I like to mix it up, you know, water, then pepsi, then a crystal light and so on.
    It's mainly that they are not allowed to fill a huge bubba keg type mug with any alcohol filled drinks. You're absolutely fine with water and ice or even pop. I once filled my mug partially with soft serve ice cream from the grill before heading to the room to rest for a bit before dinner, mmmmm.

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    There is a self-serve soda fountain at the beach grill open 24/7. It also has ice tea and water and ice dispenser.
    My sig other brings a bubba keg cup and drinks ice water all day on the beach.

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    Absolutely, they have ice/pop & water machine you can use all day/night at the grill which we call the "chicken shack" Love the jerk chicken!!!! We haven't been to CSS yet, 16 days & we'll be there. But have been to all other 3 resorts so imagine the same set up. CTI last year gave you fun little "Couples" water bottles that you could carry & refill....and bring home! I hope they do the same at CSS!!!Have a great trip; you will LOVE Couples!!

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    The bartenders are not allowed to put a drink in your mug for you, but will put ice water in there if you ask. No infraction there. Usually this is not necessary though because there are dispensers for sodas, water, and ice near the bars for self service.

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    By the Seagrape Cafe and Cabana Grill there are self serve drink stations where you can get ice for your drink if not at one of the bars. You could also probably ask the wait staff that bring you drinks on the beach to just bring you a cup of ice and never have to even get up from your beach lounge. Ahhhhhhhhhh...I love Couples.

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