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    Default Open toed sandals at CSS?

    Hello there!
    We have an upcoming trip to CSS and are newbies. What I'm wondering about is if my husband will be OK to wear open-toed dress sandals (ie: NOT flip flops) to dinner at Cassanova?
    Presumably my own dress sandals will be fine...
    Thanks for any help!

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    This topic has been done to death. Men need to have closed toes shoes for dinner at any of the fine dining restaurants at Couples, like the Casanova at CSS. Ladies can wear any sandals, heeled or flat for any restaurant. Flip flops are really not appropriate for dinner anywhere, but breakfast and lunches they're fine.

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    Hi Rileyroo!
    Congratulations on your upcoming vacation to CSS! You have selected an amazing resort to spend romantic time with your hubby! As for Casanova's and shoes, my hubby always takes a pair of closed toed shoes for dinner there. One time he did wear his leather sandals that were open, and there wasn't a problem.....For us it's just easier to take the closed toed shoes so we know there won't be an issue. For women, sandals are fine!

    Have a great trip!

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    Rileyroo, he cannot wear them to Cassanova but he can anywhere else at CSS. Open toes are fine for ladies. Presumably, men have very gross feet and we don't want to be disgusted by them while dining at a fine establishment. Being a man, I agree with this.

    Welcome to the board!

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    Sorry to tell you that open toe shoes or sandals are not allowed @ Casanova rest. You are correct that open toed
    dress sandals are ok for women. The shoe dress code applies to the fancy restaurant at all 4 Couples resorts.

    By the way welcome to the Couples resorts family!

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    Even with my pedicured man-toes, I wear shoes.

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    This is one of those errors that has been adopted to the extent that the actual rule has been forgotten. Men are asked to wear CLOSED SHOES, not closed-toe shoes. That means both the heel and the toe of the shoe should be closed.

    Couples has confused the issue by now stating that "elegant dress sandals" are now permissible, but men's sandals are inherently casual, so I don't know what would qualify as a "dress sandal."
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    Thank you all for your help. I was a bit confused because the MB seemed to indicate closed toed shoes only, yet the Couples website itself only says "no flip flops" WRT Casanova.
    Oh well, closed toes it is!
    3 more days.......

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    I know everyone is always trying to pack lightly or get into the whole "I am staying on the beach" thing but try to remember that this is a resort that has a beach and not just a beach that has a resort. When the sun goes down this is a first class resort and expecting men to wear a collared shirt, long pants, and closed toe shoes is not asking that much. It was only six short years back when I was married at CSS that men had to also wear jackets to dinner at the Casanova so be glad. If you went to a nicer restaurant in your town or near by city what would you want to see the men wearing? I would hope not sandals.

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