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    Default CN deluxe ocean vs. deluxe beachfront...worth upgrade?

    Counting down the days until our first trip to Jamaica!! My fiance and I will be honeymooning at CN this summer, and I have booked us the Deluxe Ocean view room. My question is how good is the view/location of this room and would it be worth the upgrade to the Deluxe Beachfront room?

    Also, is there less privacy in the Beachfront rooms, being that you are right down on the sand for anyone to wander by? Any info and/or photos of the view would be awesome! Thanks!

    I'm so addicted to this MB... everyone is always so helpful and informative!

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    I would say if you really want an ocean view then you need to upgrade. We paid for the ocean deluxe and can't really see the ocean without being on our tiptoes. We are here now and I can say the difference from a gardenview to an ocean deluxe cant be much. Not saying its a bad view, and its not worth making a fuss over, but don't expect to really be able to see the ocean from the ocean deluxe!

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    Congrats!! Our first trip to Jamaica was to CN in Nov 2011. We went with another couple and we both upgraded to the Deluxe Beachfront room. All of us has the same expectation that the Deluxe Beachfront room would be on the beach, but all of them are not. We were on the 3rd level in building 6. I believe that the buildings closest to the beach are considered the "Beachfront" rooms. So you could end up on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd level. The rooms were fine to us, just not worth the upgrade. To really see the ocean, you had to go out on the balcony and look to you your right. Also, to our surprise, our rooms overlooked the au natural beach - which was awkward when you were on the balcony, but we also weren't in the room that often during the day since we were at the beach and in the pool.

    Our advice, save the money on the upgrade and spend it on an excursion or at the spa. You'll have a blast either way.

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    Here's a pic from our Deluxe Beachfront

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    P.s. Yes, the oceanfront rooms tend to be on the bottom. People might wander by. Since you'll be honeymooning, the ocean view is definitely the way to go. Enjoy!!!

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    My wife and I upgraded to a Deluxe Beachfront last year and absolutely loved it. We stepped out of our room right onto the beach. Every morning we sat on our porch (ground floor) and room service brought us breakfast as we
    watched the flat sea. It was so nice, we requested the same room (5106) for our return visit next month.

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    Thanks for all the great feedback! Great photo drjaz.... man I can't wait to be there!
    I think I'm going to pass on the upgrade and spend the money on excursions.

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    Go for a room with a hammock on the balcony for sure! The foilage blocks the ocean view for many of the "Ocean" rooms. We had a garden view on top floor that overlooked the Spa & pond which we loved.......except no Hammock just a small table & 2 chairs. It was super peaceful & fun to watch the wildlife. We had a bird buddy who joined us for breakfast everyday! Perhaps he tweeted about it...J. Good times!

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