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    Default Pelican Bar makes CNN Travel News

    Always wanted to go to the Pelican Bar. I'm sure this article will help them out.

    Mike and Monica
    Jamaica Soon Come.
    Bob Marleys for everyone!!!!

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    Cool. I want to check that place out.

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    Of the list of 10 best beach bars, 2 were in Jamaica, Pelican Bar and Rick's.

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    Been to both Rick's & The Pelican Bar. the Pelican Bar was a very unique experience. A must do if you can! We did it from Treasure Beach and combined it with YS Falls, and the Black River. A very full but memorable day! I feel Rick's is alot more commerical, BUT I also feel Rick's is a must do once! The professional cliff divers are something to see! The place is very unique with the setting, the views of the lighthouse etc.

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    We go every year now. It's quite the trip down there, and very different than the resort, but we LOVE IT. Most people combine it with something else, but we just go and spend the day there. Best way to go IMHO.

    Pictures from our 2010 trip to the Pelican Bar

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    Pelican bar is very cool! We were there this past January for a few beers!! While Ricks was also fun, the Pelican bar was simply amazing and totally non commercialized and unique!!

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    Here is a pic of Floyd cooking up some fresh fish at the Pelican Bar Name:  Floyd owner of the Pelican Bar.jpg
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