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Thread: Bikes at CSS?!?

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    My hubby & I usually bike 20 miles a week & heading to CSS in 11 DAYS! I just saw a Youtube clip with Bikes at CSS. Are the bikes available to all & is there a path to ride? If so how long? Is it an exercise thing or more just leisure? Please let us know. Thanks!

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    They do have bikes available to all guests at CSS. As I recall, they have a rack with several bikes back behind A block, towards the tennis courts.

    The main area to ride would be on the path that goes around the pond and tennis courts which I'm guessing is about 1/4 mile around the whole thing, plus there a few more offshoot areas where you could explore. I would say it is more for leisure than serious exercise, but nothing wrong with enjoying leisurely exercise when on vacation.

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    Hello, the bikes are available to just take and ride. They're under a little shelter by the lake. There's a paved path around the lake that's about a 1/3 mile around. I'd say it's more of a leisure than fitness activity, especially after the drink of the day

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    We didn't use the bikes but did notice them in a rack near the pond. You can certainly take them around the pond, but that's not all that long. I think you'd have to go around and around to get much serious exercise. I'm not sure where else you can go, and honestly don't think you can take them off resort... but maybe someone else can answer that one.

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