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    Default What first grabbed your heart in Jamaica?

    Aside from the exquistie beauty of Jamaica, I'd like to hear your sights, sounds and experiences in Jamaica that first touched your heart!

    I'll never forget arriving in the lobby of CN to check in for our honeymoon. I couldn't get over the beauty that lay in font of us! I was just speechless! Right then, a young gentleman walked up to my new husband and me and said, "Welcome Home! Enjoy!" He handed us a cool towel, and a glass of sparkling wine. Our passion for Jamaica had just begun!

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    I read everyword of this board before my first trip to CTI. I was so excited. I knew the entire layout of the resort. I had looked at every single picture. Walking off the bus was just how I imagined it. The staff greeted us with big "welcome homes". But the second that it really hit me that we had really "arrived" was when (I think it was Ainsworth) opened the door to our room and the french doors to the balcony and I could see the AMAZING view. It was just like the pictures yes, but nothing could capture the way I felt! I was home and I was hooked.

    That was my magical moment.

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    crabracers Guest


    We felt exactly the same way. When someone said to us, "Welcome Home",we really had a great séance of being in a very wonderful place, even if we didn't know it yet, and feeling welcomed anywhere we went on the property. The warmest, most sincere smile that drew us in right away. And the feelings stayed with us as we got back to our at home reality. It didn't take very long before we realized that we had found the single most incredible resort, not only for the obvious reasons as you mentioned, but the heart and soul of Couples lies in each and every member of the staff. From a genuine hug and warm greeting from Leonard Henry, the GM, to a person sweeping the floor that turns toward you, smiles, and greets you as you pass. There is warmth and comfort and it truly transcends any other place I have been on this planet.

    It's for these reasons and hundreds more that we return to CTI for our 27th visit, and our 30th overall trip to Fantasy Island Jamaica.

    Welcome home, my friend.


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    the no problem attitude!!!! not to mention everything about Jamaica makes me want to be there every day!!! can't wait until feb!

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    You guys hit the nail on the head. The greetings you get from the staff are so genuine, you truly feel like you are their guest and they try earnestly to make you feel like you are right at home. We sat down on the swings over by the tour area and overlooked the pool and the ocean view from the lobby and drank the champagne they handed us as our rooms and bags were readied. It was a wonderful experience.

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    Every single smile we encountered...

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    I looked out the windows on the plane when we were landing and I saw the ocean and the lush mountains and I thought I never saw such a beautiful place in my life.

    Then I got a red stripe in the Couples Lounge and that sealed the deal.

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    The rush of warm air when we first stepped off the plane! Back in those days, they didn't have the fancy just pulled up on the tarmac and they opened the doors! Since we go in February, the warm air was very welcome and I knew I had arrived in a magical place.

    But when we got to COR and were shown our amazing view of TI...that sealed the deal!

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    The first thing that truly grabbed my heart in Jamaica was watching my beautiful bride walking towards me at the wedding gazebo. Second was having our new friends (you, Mike, Barry Patty, Jeff, Mary Beth) stand by us at our wedding. None of that would have been possible without the wonderful people at CSA and Couples. CSA calls to us every day and we will be returning home soon.

    Mike and Monica
    Jamaica Soon Come.
    Bob Marleys for everyone!!!!

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    For us, the "experience" began in the airport as we approached the Couples Lounge. After the rush and anxiety of catching the flight and going through Customs, it was so pleasant as a friendly voice said, "Welcome to Jamaica and I'll take your bags from here." And somewhere a question was asked by either my husband or myself, I don't recall and a friendly voice said, "Yah mon!" And we knew all was GOOD.

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    The airplane ride in grabbed me first because I could see the mountains and the bluest water I have ever seen touched with streaks of Turquoise. The welcomes homes got me and the view from our room grabbed me but the moment Jamaica really stole my heart was when Rohan gave us a tour of the CTI Gardens. He told us about the palm tree that sheds it’s skin and how as a boy he would ride those down the hills. I could just picture him as a boy sledding down a hill screaming with delight. The warm and friendly people really have a way with making you feel welcomed and like they truly like having you there.

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    I think the moment i knew was when my husband and i first pulled up to Tower Isle, after only being married for 24 hours and we were exhausted. Once we stepped foot in the lobby and were greeted by Ainsworth, and Byron, and just stood in amazement and stared at the beautiful view of the sea. we could not believe we were that blessed to be in this beautiful place. and from that point the obsession started to grow. The staff at CTI was the most warm hearted people, really making sure everything you need is taken care of. I have never gone on any other type of vacation and felt this way before, let alone want to go back every year. We left sadly, 6 days after returning to paradise, already planning our return visit the following year for our 1 year anniversary. We decided to try CSa last oct. since CTI was closed, and we were equally impressed with everything they had to offer. We will be returning there in Oct. 2010, and i will be stalking the message board from now until then. Couples is truly magical!

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    This is a great topic! Stepping off the bus at CTI (then COR) 2 years ago and being welcomed by friendly faces and rum punch and Red Stripe was the perfect way to start our honeymoon. The staff at COR is what first grabbed our hearts for sure. Before we knew it, all of the stresses in our lives disappeared and the beauty of the resort enveloped us. We were there for 5 short nights but that was all it took to get us hooked! Last year we tried CN and this year it's CSS! From now on, we're going to try to make a trip home every year!

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    I think that whoever said "Once you go, you know" said it perfectly! We've tried to capture it when we talk about it to our friends who've never been, but you just can't. Once they go, they get it.

    For us, it's the people. Sure, the resort is fantastic, the amenities and inclusions can't be beat for the price, but it's the people that keep us coming back.
    Amy Welch...Woooohoooo!!
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    Our first trip to any Couples resort staying over night was COR (now CTI) in April of 2004 for our 10th anniversary. When we arrived the lobby was just breath taking and the welcome very warm. Then Kirk took us to our room the spectaciular deluxe ocean view room 302 I was almost in shock from the view off the balcony and that we had just gotten what looked to be the best deluxe room in the place. We stayed in 302 again in 2007. What a great room and meeting Captain Kirk was the highlight of our trip. Kirk is the best he must be retained at any cost!
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    To pick one thing, it would be difficult. It seemed like every time we turned around something else was grabbing our heart and making us fall more deeply in love with Jamaica. The natural beauty of the lush trees, beaches and ocean, the warmth of the people, the tree frogs, the endless smiles we received. From the time we arrived, besides enjoying every moment we there, all we could think about was when we would be making our next visit and with each passing moment the desire to return grew stronger.

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    We would have to say what "grabbed" our hearts from the very beginning were the people. From the time we arrive in Montego Bay until the time we leave (every trip) the people are warm and inviting. We visited a school on our last trip and the children were absolutely delightful with their beautiful smiles. The Jamaican people truly have a "no problem" attitude which the rest of the world would do well to embrace.

    We love Jamaica for it's slow pace, low pressure, relaxing atmosphere. We visit Jamaica because we want "no worries" and we don't want to be rushed. We want to leave our world behind. Jamaica is the only place we have found that we can do just that.

    Couples Resorts carry on that feel from the time we arrive until the time we leave. We are welcomed by smiling faces with warm hearts and we say goodbye with heartfelt hugs and the satisfaction of knowing we'll be back.

    Jamaica and Couples Resorts are truly our Paradise and home away from home.

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    Having been to Couples CTI 6 times and CSS 2 times I have to agree with the thing about going in February. When you step out the door of the plane and that warm, humid air hits you, your face is totally consumed by your very large smile! Pulling up to the resort and having the cool towel and champagne waiting is just a tiny hint of the things to come. I have to say, though, that the staff are the reason that Jamaica is the best place on the planet. The energy at Couples is some of the best I have been surrounded by. We love Jamaica, Couples, and everything that waits for us when we come "home"!

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    I must agree that the people are wonderful. Even though my husband and I like to keep to ourselves, we still made friends with some of the staff...we just couldn't help it!

    I was hooked on the van ride to the resort. Our driver was friendly, and the other couple sharing the shuttle were soo excited about returning "home" that the beautiful Jamaican scenery left a huge impression on me.

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    For us what first grabbed our hearts and continues to draw us back to CSA is the wonderful staff who immediately made us feel like family. Their genuine caring and warmth are amazing. We keep in touch with some of the staff on a regular basis and when we are planning a return trip it is just like getting ready to visit family.

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    Falling in love with the stress-free environment and beauty of CN. It was a long day getting to CN (forgot photo ID and had to book a separate flight after my father in-law drove 3 hours to bring it to me!) and once we finally arrived after dark, it was like arriving on "Fantasy Island". CN did more for our marriage than any type of counseling could have. Thank you, Couples! That was 9 years ago and we keep going back every year.

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    What grabbed our hearts??

    Attachment 186

    We grabbed each others.

    Couples and Jamaica allowed us to reconnect. It's strange how we sometimes forget to say those simple I love you's to our loved one but at Couples love seems to fill the air and allow you to become infected with the feeling.

    What grabbed our hearts? Becoming a Couples Family Member.
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    Default First Time Guests

    This was my new Bride and mmines first visit to Jamaica. It will not be our last. The staff at Couples Tower Isle were amazing. I was treated like a celebrity. We met other couples and will be back on a regular basis to continue those relationships. Thank You all so much.

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    Jamaica has always been our favorite home away from home. What makes it better than other islands is listening to Ultimate Chocolate play the piano at CSA.

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    We had been other places in the Caribbean and Mexico, that were nice and we enjoyed. My husband kept saying he wanted to try Jamaica and I always said no.I didn't think I would like it.
    Then one day I stumbled onto this web site, and thought well lets try Jamaica.
    Every resort we ever went to brought us a drink and cool towels on arrival,but not one ever welcomed us "home". I'm not sure why that is so special, but it just is.
    We were really hooked when we layed on the beach @ CN. What a fantastic beach.
    Then I started to love all things Jamaican. Now I don't want to go anywhere else but Jamaica.

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