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    This question is directed to the ladies, I have curly hair which is fine during the day but when I straighten it for the evening at couples my effort goes frizzy very quickly. So, has anyone found a hair product that keeps out humidity even in Jamaica?

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    I like the Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Defining Cream....It doesn't really allow my hair to be straight, but it does do a nice job in giving me some curls instead of frizz....I leave the curling iron at home....

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    I've got straight hair that's not quite waist length right now. I bring good conditioner to use while away. I never blow dry or straighten my hair and especially not on vacation. We scuba dive too and my hair is always wet. I braid it or use hair clips every day to keep it under control and off of me because it's hot. I know a lot of women really get fussy with their hair for the evenings but I just can't be bothered and my DH doesn't care either. He tells me to do whatever makes me happy and if it's a french braid, a bun, or even a ponytail and it gets us out of the room faster then he's lovin' it!

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    Skinny Serum by Paul Mitchell....Helps with frizz significantly. I have used it every day now for the past 5+ years. Whenever I go to tropical climates it is a MUST

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    I have the same problem, thanks for posting because i need help too!

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    Oh Please please please someone have the answer!!!!!!

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    I have tried pretty much everything and the best so far is called 3 Day Straight by John Frieda.

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    Good question! I need to know too.

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    I hear ya!! I really like John Frieda's "Frizz-Ease Thermal Hair Serum" to help keep the frizz away straight or curly. If you have the same problem when you wear it curly, I'm also a big fan of "Catwalk Curlesque Curls Rock Amplifier". Good Luck!!!

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    I say just go with the flow and stay curly for the week. I tried straightening my hair my first trip but quickly realized it was not worth the effort since it fluffed up again after leaving our AC'd room. Now I just let it be curly for the week and save the time and effort.


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    I too have tried everything but, as Marnies says above, the only thing that works is 3 Day Straight by John Frieda. It's not cheap but it really works, however, these days I can't be bothered to blow dry my long hair every night on holiday and just leave it to 'curl it's own way' at Couples and use a leave in conditioner to tame the frizz!

    Enjoy Jamaica and learn to love your hair 'au natural' whilst there or try 3 Day Straight if you really want to beat the humidity.

    Mad about tennis

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    My hair is awkardly wavy so I have to straighten every day and it used to be a frizz ball in the slightest amount of humidity, until I switched my whole hair care over to Kenra. It's pricey, but so worth it to have normal hair. When we were there I used the Kenra moisturising shampoo and conditioner, used the thermal blow dry spray before I dried it, then used the Thermal Styling Spray 19 before I used a CHI curling iron to straighten. I don't know which one works better between the products or the CHI but I can tell a huge difference even when i don't use any products and just use the CHI. I've wasted tons of money over the years buying all the new products for frizz control and this combo is by far the best for me. Good Luck!!

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    I embrace my curls! Curls love, love salt water

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    This year I found a product line called Ouidad. It's made for curly hair. Used it when we were there last week and it was great. Most days I let my hair dry naturally and had no frizz which is unusual. It's a bit pricey but will only use it when down south or in the summer at home.

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    Default Keratin

    Hi Currer Bell,

    I also have very curly hair, which frizzes into a lion's mane in humidity. I can (and like to!) wear my hair curly in the Northeast during the fall and winter, but never during the summer...that's when having curly hair is the hardest! The ocean or pool water dries it out even more and it's stressful to have to think about taming/handling the frizzy hair. A couple of years ago I found a hair treatment that finally allows me to vacation in the Caribbean while having "sexy" wavy hair from air drying after swimming in the ocean. No gel, nothing - it's fantastic!! I work in NYC and saw salons advertising Keratin treatments for so long before I finally just gave it a shot. I never thought hair like I have now would be possible - I always had a fro! I had a Keratin treatment at my local salon. I researched first and went with the non-formaldehyde formula (Coppola). You let it set for 72 hours, then wash and rinse. After that - beautiful soft, loosened curls that do not react to humidity! It lasts for about 6 months. It also cuts down your morning routine by a whole lot. It's just one less thing to worry about. And vacations are so much better now...

    Laura ~ Brooklyn NY (going to Couples March 28 - first time and did secret rendezvous - don't know where I'll be yet )

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    Im a hairstylist in San Francisco,

    I think the best curl products for controlling fizz and softening unruly curls seems to be bumble and bumble curl conscious line, they have different products for fine hair to coarse hair as well as ones with stronger holds to light defining creams

    I also love their surf spray when I just want to enhance the waves after being in the water all day.

    I also always bring something from kerastase uv protection line to help save my color from the sun and the water

    For humidity control, I love oribes anti humidy spray, I use it on clients all the time and everyone loves it

    Hope this helps

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    I have the same problem with my naturally curly/wavy hair. I use any mousse that says it is for curly hair and will prevent frizz. This will be the first time my hair is long enough to actually pull back (except for the top and sides). I do bring my curling iron just in case it looks really bad.

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    Thank you for all your ideas, it will help me alot for our next trip in September.

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    I have same problem! Nothing will stop my hair from curling up, even if I use a flat iron. I think this trip I will just let it be curly. I use bumble and bumble straight creme. Even if wearing it curly, seems to control frizz. I am looking into a keratin/straightening treatment for color-treated hair. If anyone has advice on that, please let me know.

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    I am a hairstylist, with naturally curly hair and have the same problem, until i got certified to do a keratin/collagen treatment called LA BRASILIANA. I do the non fl formula called escluso, which you only have to let cure for 24 hours before shampooing, being that there is no fl, it only lasts for 8 weeks, but some clients 3 months. Although if you dont want to spend the bucks, they make a styling product that does the same thing!!! Its called Diece, its a spray. I live in kc Missouri where it is very humid and had to go curly all summer, not anymore! I promise you its the best, nothing else works like it!

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    I have curly hair as well. I love to straight it but probably will not on the trip due to the reasons you posted.

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    Corn muss, no fuss...ready in 5 minutes and looks great!!!!

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    I too have curly hair and have tried many products. We have been to wonderful Jamaica 8 times and try, try as I might for the first 2 days with every product suggested, nothing lasts more than 1 hour in the Jamaican humidity. Day 3 I admit defeat and let my curly hair air dry and set in it's natural style and all is good.

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