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    Default waiting at the lounge in airport?

    How long do you usually have to wait?

    Wondering if getting a private plane is truly worth it for the next trip this fall to CN. Supposed to land in MoBay at 1149am...

    I think in 2009, we landed later and still waited 1.5 hours before we were on our way to CTI ...

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    We didn't even have time to get a red stripe last weekend.

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    The longest we have ever waited was 30 minutes (2x to CN, 1x CTI).

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    It is all hit or miss as your arrival times combined with the amount of passengers arriving that day for the resorts (two in each direction) will equal the departure time from the airport. I have had to wait an hour + and another time they could not get me to the van quick enough. Barely time to grab a Red Stripe for the bus. Just remember that there is plenty of time to relax at the resort and don't sweat the little things.

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    When we went to CTI in 2010 we were one of the first couples in the lounge (buses must have just left) and we waited maybe 20-25 minutes.

    Since immigration may take a bit and the bus ride is over an hour, by the time you get to the resort you will probably be able to check in. Get there too early and you might have to wait a bit for a room.

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    Maybe 15 minutes. Had time to use the bathroom,drink a beer,and get another for the road.

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    Waited last week, probably 15 minutes.Time to use bathrooms and get a drink and we were on our way!

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    Our flight got in at the same time you will be and we waited for 20 minutes. That was enough time to get a beverage and change into shorts (since we came from cold weather). This was last week.

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    We have been twice and I don't think we waited more than half an hour either time - did not even have time to finish a red stripe - I believe we arrived around noon or a little later on both occassions - hope that helps !!

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    Wow we have been to CTI and never waited in the more than 15 mins. in 5 trips.

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    WHAT!!!!??????? You waited 1.5 hours in the LOUNGE????? NO freaking way. In 7 trips we have barely had time to get a beer and hit the head.......

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    Wow!!! We have never waited that long, perhaps 20 minutes.
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    Never actually waited longer than the time it takes to go to the bathroom and get a red stripe in hand, then out the door you go!

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    It has never been anywhere near that long for us since 2006. As long as they know what flight you are arriving on, they will have a van waiting for you. The average wait for us in 5 trips is about 15 minutes. Longest was less than a half an hour.
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    I would say from my experience that an average wait in the Couples lounge is 20 mins.

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    Like everyone is saying......usually there is only enough time to change and grab a beer....I think the first time we waited about 20 mins...second trip barely enough time to grab a red stripe!!!!

    Countdown....14 days and I will be on the beach at CTI....Yay!!!!


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    In five trips the longest we've ever waited is 20 minutes. I've never heard of anyone having to wait an hour and a half.

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    The longest we waited was 20 minutes. Enough time to hit the bathroom and chug a couple Stripes.

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    Although we once had to wait almost two hours for TimAir due to "fuel problem", we've never waited more than about 20 minutes for the shuttle.

    The time we had to wait that long for TimAir, the bus that we would have been on got there well before we did.

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    4 trips...all less than 30 minute wait.....something was wrong (maybe a van broke down) if you waited 1 1/2 hours
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    My waits have always been less than 10 minutes. Usually enough time to use the restroom and drink a beer.

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    In 5 trips, we have never had to wait more than 30 minutes.

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    In 11 trips we waited between 5 - 20 mins. Never any longer, ever.

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    I am thinking 20 minutes would be along wait. And they run shuttles at all times, not just twice a day as some stated somewhere. If you are counting your wait in immigrations and customs, that could be correct depending on the day and time of arrival. We get there Friday mornings about 11, and are usually through immigration and customs then on our way to the lounge by 11:30 11:45 at the latest. We get to Couples Negril in plenty of time to east lunch after checking in and changing. I remember in 2009, first trip, I was disappointed that we were not in the lounge long enough to hardly drink 1 red stripe, after that I make certain to get ones to go, and usually still only have time for 1 maybe 2. Plane will get you there quicker only after getting through immigrations and customs, and if it is waiting on you to go. We took plane back so we had extra 1 1/2 hours at the end of the trip.

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    There may have been an issue with a van ... Dont recall that. I dont drink alcohol (due to meds) but I had 3 Tings (my first introduction) and hubby had 2 Red Stripes, we dug into carry on luggage for food and snacks, and had another group arrive after about 30mins we shared our food with, they all had time for drinks as we waited another half hour/45mins for a third group to arrive, go to the bathroom, get a drink. Then the 2 vans showed up.

    So glad to hear we were in the minority of wait time!!

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