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Thread: SCUBA at CSA

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    Default SCUBA at CSA

    We are certified PADI divers - is equipment available for rental and at what cost?

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    I don't believe there is a charge, unless it is a wetsuit you are looking for. We are both divers and take our own gear.

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    They will provide a mask, fins, bcd and a regulator at no cost. At CN you can rent a wetsuit for $10 so it may be the same at CSA. CSA has a great dive staff. You'll have a fun time, especially if the new dive boat is in service. The rumor is the new boat arrives in April.

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    The equipment is available at no additional charge! Except a wetsuit...if you decide you need one, I think I remember hearing those were extra. We never needed one when we went though.

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    As stated, there is no additional cost except for the wet suit. But, if you have your own stuff, why not bring it. Maybe not the fins if weight or space is an issue, but there is nothing like your own mask or reg.

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