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    Default CSS Ocean Balcony Suite

    We booked our trip for Nov 09 an Ocean Balcony Suite and requested G block this is our first time to CSS. I was looking at some photos on trip advisor and it looks like there are shared balconies is this correct or is each balcony private?

    Thanks for your response

    Can’t wait to be their

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    Default G Block Balcony

    Here's a picture of the balcony from our suite (G5) in April 2009. As you can see the balconies are private...not shared.
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    Can't wait to go back...221 days and counting

    Have a great trip!!

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    We have stayed in G-14 and all the balconies were private and huge none shared.
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    All the balconies at CSS to my knowledge are private. The only (arguable) exception to this is that there are a couple of penthouse suites that have non-permanent dividers that could be moved if somebody were so inclined (though I can't really fathom why one would do such). I don't know what pictures you saw, but it could have been that the aforementioned dividers had been temporarily removed or displaced because of lack of occupancy or something.

    Hope that helps!

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    We were just in G-4. Not my favorite room but as far as sharing balcony's...not shared. There is a full floor to ceiling concrete wall between them but...if you lean out over the hand rail, you can look into the ones on each this what you call shared? I don't. If you give me your e-mail, I will send you my full review with pics link. It won't be done until later next week. We just got home about 2.5 hours ago!

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    Each is private!! Here is a pic of our balcony from a One Bedroom in Building G.
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    Thanks for everyones comments, I must have seen a large balcony that looked like it had a double entrance and I thought it was 2 rooms sharing one balcony

    Thanks again for the info.

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