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    Default Does CSA have an ATM?

    Does CSA have an ATM? Does it give you J$?

    Is it better to spend J$ or USD off the resort?

    Would love to hear your opinions or helpful hints...

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    No CSA doesn't have an ATM. It is better to spend US money off the resort. I would suggest that you do not exchange your money for Jamaican money.

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    No they don't. There is a bank/ATM in downtown Negril and because we were by ourselves our driver stopped there for us on our way out for a day trip. I recomend bringing enough cash so you don't have to worry about it.

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    Hi, Just spent two weeks at CSA, returned (sadly) yesterday. There IS an independent ATM on the upper "gallery" level of the main lobby building. (Take the stairs opposite the concierge desk.) My understanding is that it dispenses USD. Did not use it, just walked past it. This may be newly installed? (The FAQ on this site said there wasn't one.) Enjoy your trip!

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    You will get confusing answers on this because CSA had an ATM, and then took it out for a good long while. When we were there in December it was back. It is upstairs from the main lobby next to the money exchange window. The fee for use is $5 I think, plus what your bank tacks on.

    Also, most people will answer that there is no need or advantage to changing money to $J. If you don't go off resort very much, or if you only go off resort on organized excursions this is certainly true. You do not need to change money.

    I do change money however, because I do go off resort a good bit and it makes life easier (and cheaper). The exchange window at CSA has rates as good as any you will find in Negril. If you do change money, avoid doing it at the airport. and...... AVOID CHANGING MONEY ON THE STREET AT ALL COSTS.

    Also, at the airport waiting for our flight home,I usually clear out what $J I have left. I have found the prices for food/snacks/gifts much more agreeable using $J.

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