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    We are spending a week at CSA and a week at CSS in June. I am wanting to get out and do some good fishing. Has anyone had any good or bad experiences with certain guides? Can anyone tell me which side of the island is better fishing? Can yuo bring your catch to the restaurants at the resort to have it cooked?
    I am excited about getting into a big boat and gettig into some deep water. However, I would also like to be able to maybe do some hand line fishing from a small dugout or something along those lines. More like the locals do it. Any input is appreciated.

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    My brother and friend went out with one of the guys that pulls up on the beach at CN in June. They did not catch anything but had a blast and will do it again they said. They were fishing right with the regular charter boats. They said they would have caught fish if they were trying for bottom fish.

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    When we were in Negril two years ago, we used Stanley's Deep Sea Charters. There was only my husband and I so we asked if Stanley could see if he had a group who would mind us tagging along. Sure enough, we got on a charter two days later! We did the half day (4 hr.) charter. They will come to pick you up from anywhere and deliver you back to your resort. We had an awesome time, saw two sperm whales beside the boat (!!!), and caught 9 large tuna. For an extra $20, Stanley and his mate cleaned 4 of the fish so we could take them back to the resort, and the kitchen staff cooked them for us. It was awesome!!!

    We are going to book another half day trip when we are there May 19th-26th. I would suggest you contact Stanley via email on his website. Also, you can see my pictures that he still has posted! I am a photographer, so I tried to take full advantage of the time. Have fun!!!

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