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    Default Free Honeymoon Package+Magical Memories Package?

    Hi there,

    So I understand that if we provide proof of our honeymoon we will be gifted a bottle of sparkling wine and 1/2 hour massage.

    But what if we want to also want to purchase the "Magical Memories {$339}" Deal that comes with this:

    * Tropical flowers in your room upon arrival
    * Sparkling wine in your room upon arrival
    * Privately catered candle-lit dinner under the stars
    * His & Hers hour massage
    * $100 Spa Certificate
    * $50 Gift Shop Certificate

    Will we receive another sparkling wine and another 1/2 hour massage? Does anyone know how this works?

    Thanks for your help everyone!

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    I guess the 1-800 number would probably have an answer for me?

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    I was wondering this same thing and am hoping someone has the answer?

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    yes, you should get 2 bottles of sparkling wine and 2 25 minute massages. The Honeymoon package and the Magical Memories package are separate. You could probably combine your massages into a 50 minute one if you wanted to - very nice!
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    Great question I was wondering the same thing!

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