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    Default Which location is the best?

    I am trying to plan a vacation to either Couples Swept Away or Couples Negril. Which one is the better one to stay at? Has anyone stayed at both? If so, what are the differences? How far are each from the airport?

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    Its not a question of better but what your looking for, each resort has its own personality. The ride to both is about 90 minutes with CN being the first stop.

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    Both of these resorts are in Negril and about 5-10 minutes from each other by car.

    Beach: CN sits in a bit of a cove that has a couple other resorts along its shores and faces kind of north west. CSA is on the famous Seven Mile Beach which has several other resorts and establishments along its shores. Great for early morning strolls as the waters edge is public the whole length of the beach. It faces west into the sunset and has the longest resort beach. Water is fairly calm at both.
    Pools: CN has a larger pool with swim up bar. CSA has smaller pools and swim up bar.
    Food: CSA has more restaurants and bars for extra choices but the food at each is very good.
    Grounds: CSA is larger and spread out. Never feels crowded. Both have nice tropical growth throughout the resort but more winding paths to wander down at CSA.
    Fitness Center: CSA has what is probably the largest and best equipped fitness center in the islands. At least the best I have seen. Full gym, large lap pool, several tennis courts, smoothie bar for health drinks, etc.
    Entertainment and activities: Pretty much the same evening bands and shows.
    Night life: Both have piano bar for sing along's in the evening and then a disco/nightclub for late night dancing and drinks.
    Specialty rooms: CSA has the Atrium and Beachfront Suites that have no glass in the windows...only screens and adjustable wooden louvers for air flow or privacy. The sounds of Jamaica come into your room at night. No TVs in these types of rooms so it is quieter.
    Au Naturel Beach: CN has one and CSA does not.

    Summary: You will have as much fun as you let yourself have. If you don't it is a problem with you and not the resort as in Jamaica there it's No problem Mon. My wife and I absolutely love CSA but others say the same thing about CN. You will not regret having chosen Couples. Welcome home.

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