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    Default gifts? for staff

    Hi again, I know you should not tip cash... but I am a bit confused ... I am allowed to bring a gift for someone
    that I know?

    We are leaving Friday morning (march 9)... so any info quick would be helpful.

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    We just got back and we took small gifts,wrapped for our maid.We also left for the turn down maid.All you need to do is put a gift tag with the gift stating it is a gift and from who and room number.That way they can get past security without having them confiscated.We got the biggest hugs and thank yous when leaving yesterday.Took chap-stick,small samples of cosmetics,Stuff for children(crayons etc)Lint remover,travel size stuff.Use your imagine as they don't have the simple things we have.Our maid had 3 children and I suspect all do so throw in stuff for the kiddies.We didn't do candy as I suspect dental care is expensive!I was going to take a bottle of Tylenol and a dollar store type umbrella but had too much already.We did tip once to a bar staff(won't name) who got us a bottle of Rum cream not available at resort(Sangster's Jamaica Rum Cream Liqueur) for our room at a local store.
    Hope this is what you needed. Dwight

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    We always bring gifts for the staff when we visit CSA. You will have to provide them with a note that verifies you have given the gift an what it is or they won't be allowed to keep it.

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    I brought maple syrup that my family produces on blue mountain here in Maine. I wanted to share what we do on OUR blue Mountain!

    Staff can (and appreciate) token gifts IF it is accompanied by a written note that clearly states who it is to, from and the specific item. (as it was explained to me by a staff on my 2/25-3/3/12 trip.... (modorator correct me if I am wrong)

    For example:

    TO: Donovan
    From: Fullers, room 2101

    1 bottle maple syrup

    chele fuller

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    thank you very much

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