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    Default International Fee ??

    Anyone know any way around this for the reservation? I dont recall this last time we went in 2009... Can the charges be charged from the Couples Florida office? Just found out our checking and visa accounts (from 3 diff institutions) have a 3% fee. On an 18 day vacation, that's a lot extra to pay (ignoring any purchases we make while there)


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    Capital One Venture Visa card does not charge the fee for international transactions. I got one for this reason. It also has no annual fee. Paying an extra 3% on the cost of a vacation is unreasonable.

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    Since January I have spent 8 days in negril and 25 days snowmobiling in Quebec. I noticed over $300 in international fees in the last 2 months!! I found capital one has a no annual fee card that offers NO international fees. This will be my new travel card. Hope this helps!!

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    I experienced this with my Bank of America card too. I called and asked them why I was being charged when it is charged in US dollars. Basically, they said there was no way around it, that they were charging it, and there wasn't anything I could do about it. So I called my Wells Fargo card and they said there was no fee if it was charged in US dollars. I made a payment just to test fee. My Wells Fargo is a visa card as well.

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    Do you mean the Foreign Transaction Fee? That's assessed by your credit card company not Couples. We got stung by the fee once and then I applied for a credit card with CapitalOne since they don't charge any Foreign Transaction Fees.


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    It's your Credit card company that is charging this. Get a Capital One card.

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