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    Default Negril- Casino Night/ Auction?

    I noticed on the daily schedule online they note a Casino/ Auction night on Tuesday. Is this a play money type thing for fun or is there a Casino in Negril? Do you use play money for the auction items and what type of items are on the auction block?

    We're booked for CN May 19-26th so see you at the beach, as were going to AN for the first time.

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    There are slots in a game room only.What your are referring to are auctions for the play money you get doing all the various activities.Usually get a million dollars for participating in each one.I ended up getting a bottle of hot sauce for 1 billion!Coffee went for 40 billion!?They had tees,coffee,picture frame.wood carvings.Two auctions,one Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 I believe and one Thursday night at 10:45.Try to hit the Tuesday one as its less crowded

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    It is "play money" and the more you have the better your odds of having the play dough needed to out-bid others for the items up for auction. The items auctioned varies but you'll typically find rum among them along with craft items.

    Enjoy your stay!

    Bart & Bug

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    It is play money, but it is a freaking blast.... you will have much better odds than vegas for sure baby.....

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    Interesting ... Is it paper (fake) money or is it stored in your account? We switch resorts on a Monday, wonder if we did the day transfer back to CN on Tuesday we could redeem any monies we have?

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    It's like "Monopoly" money, but couples money. I have a gallon bag full of it upstairs from our last trip. the trip before we gave it to another couple that was staying after we left. I think our bag makes us Couples Billionares or more.

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    Hey me, want to give any of that money up? :-) I'll take it.

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    I have a dumb question: of you play the games but are not able to make it to auction... Are you able to use the "money" on your next trip? We have some from August but did not use it. Can we do so in September?

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