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    Default Friday flights cancelled out of Philly.

    Thanks to our good friend Chris on the mb, I was informed that Carribean air had cancelled al Friday flights out of Philly. I looked into it & updated my info, & indeed they had cancelled our flight which we booked back in July,'11, moved us onto a Sat. flight without ever giving us a choice or notifying us of this change. I was lucky & was able to move to a Thurs. flight & all is well, an extra day in paradise is just fine with me. The agent at Carribean was very nice & helpful, after all ,it wasn't her fault , & I handeled it politely instead of my normal abrasiveness. I was told there were only going to be flights on Mon, Thurs Sat & Sun. I'm posting this just in case there are any other people who have Fri. flights planned & were never notified. By the way, our trip is in May '12, so this was cutting it kind of close. Like I told Chris, this year all their meals & drinks at CSA are on us, thanks buddy.

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    I'm beginning to wonder if this is why the on-line travel sites do not seem to offer Carribean Airlines in their package deals anymore. Flew the old AIR JAMAICA and it was top notch. Everyone seems to like their Carribean Air flights but I'm wondering why the travel sites don't quote them anymore.

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    We had the same thing happen for us. We flew Air Jamacia for 8 years with no problems. Last year we flew Caribbean Air and flew out on the day they changed the computer system from AJ to CA. We had a 2 hour wait, the line was so long. After we got through that we were rewarded with a 373 instead of an Air Bus 319. Plenty of room and a meak down and back. AHH the old days of AJ were back. We have heard that CA is trying to pull out of PHL all together. I hope not but the early flight on US Air isn't bad and we like the return flight time better.
    Phinns UP

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    Thank you Sonofthebeach for the heads up. After reading your post checked on our Tuesday flight in December and found ours was cancelled also. Thanks to you we have time to figure out a solution, will probably rebook with another airline.

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    We flew Air Jamaica/Carribean too... with no problems... plane was always full... I was told our flight out of PA is not going to happen for 12/26/2012 all monies have been paid now we are scrambling... and wondering if we can get to Jamaica...

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    I have emailed the President of Caribbean Air Lines -robert.corbie@caribbean-airlines.comIf my email goes into spam, deaf ears... or whatever I will never know. If Robert Corbie does respond I will let you know...

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    OMG! thank goodness we are leaving on a saturday, next time USAIR or Spirit (which is talking about a straight thru flight from AC)

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    I really hope they don't stop flights all together from Philly. We really enjoyed our flight with Caribbean Air in June. We plan on using them in April of 2013. If not them we may be heading to Baltimore for the next early flight. The early flight makes getting through customs so much easier.

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