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    Default Weather in Ocho Rios

    As we are due at CTI on March 15th, we have been rather disappointed in looking at the weather forecasts in Ocho Rios. Most days seem to be showing either stormy, cloudy or rain. The temperatures seem OK around the 28 degrees mark but we expected sun.
    Can anybody advise what the weather is actually like at the moment?

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    we were there 2/25-3/3

    Sunny/ partly cloudy 6 days... cloudy with occasional rain one day.

    The largest concern for us was the red flag days.. the wind had it to rough to dive, snorkle on 5 of our 7 days...
    the upside is that red flags on watersports match that of red flags for beach butlers.... the breeze made for a nice trip for sun bathing.

    Overall the weather was fine - I will say when we booked our return trip next we went a bit later into the season in hopes to accomplish more water activities.

    You will enjoy regardless the resort has so much to offer!

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    I was constantly checking weather before we left. It always showed clouds & rain. Well, no worries mon. You WILL have plenty of sun and at the most a passing shower. Knock on wood. For some strange reason most weather sites show cloudy/showers for Jamaica, even when your looking out the window and it is brillant sunshine with a few puffy clouds!

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    Having been to CSS 3 times I can tell you that the weather reports can be misleading. They usually have a chance of showers in the mid afternoon around 3:00-4:00 when some clouds come down from the mountains. That is why they usually say chance of rain each day. Usually it is brief if it happens but no guarantees. February and March are actually the lowest months for average rainfall with the rainier season running from May through November with October being the worse.

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    I understand your worries! We went to Negril last March and only had a little bit of rain 1 day, with the rest being very sunny. We are returning to Jamaica to get married in Decemeber and had been planning on going to Ocho Rios to CTI and after reading the reviews that it rains alot and the ocean is rough and prevents water activities, I had a change of heart and we are going back to Negril! I would still love to go to Ocho one of these days, but don't want to plan my wedding somewhere that the chance of rain is greater. I read that it is more cloudy and has more rain than Negril because of the mountains. I hope the weather is nice for you! I'm sure you will have a great time!

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    We were married at CSS during April 6 years ago. Rain can happen any time but usually in the afternoon if it does. We had clouds threaten both the first and second day but on our wedding it was sunny all day. Having stayed at CSA the last 2 years I can tell you that it does rain there too at times. Again it is usually in the afternoon and is a brief shower lasting around 20-30 minutes and then it gets humid. We attended 2 other weddings there of guests we met on the tour and they both managed to miss that rain. Choosing Negril over Ocho Rios due to the chance of rain does not guarantee success. In fact the wedding gazebo above the rocks overlooking the waters of the Caribbean at CSS was amazing. It is a secluded area and very romantic. No joggers or bathers walking through the ceremony.

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    Default Very windy

    We are at CTI at the moment - we have been here 2 weeks and the weather is mainly OK, but very windy. The dive boat has not been out much since we have been here. We have had some showers, and cloudy mornings, but have also had nice sunny days. It is still warm though, even when it is cloudy. The forecast has been worse than the actual weather most days.

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