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    Default CN Garden View Room

    Are there bathrobes in the garden view rooms? Also, do they still provide aloe vera?

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    Bathrobes, yes, Aloe vera, no. They quit offering the aloe vera in 2011 I believe. And I love it.

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    I don't remember about the bath robes but the aloe is not in the rooms anymore.
    They do sell it at the gift shop though.

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    Yes, all rooms have bathrobes.
    We haven't seen aloe vera in the room since they changed to wall dispenser (at least one year ago).

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    We were there in September 2011 and headed back again this September.

    Yes to the bathrobe and no to the aloe vera.
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    When we were at CN in December, there were no bathrobes in our room but I just called housekeeping & they brought some.

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