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    Default What's SA June weather like?

    Honeymoon is just booked (Wheeeeww!!) for late June @ SA, and we're so excited, but just curious if
    anyone has experienced first hand the weather around that time at the resort? Regardless, we are
    ecstatic and will continue to come back and read up on everyone's reviews up until the wedding!!
    Thanks in advance!

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    We were at CN in June 2010 and are returning this June. The weather is perfect. The high temps are anywhere between 80 and 90 on most days, possibly a little warmer. The nights are high 70s to low 80s. It is humid (naturally). There are chances of a shower or storm each day, but they were usually very short. Sometimes it even looked like we would be in for a real good storm but they would usually go around. It did rain for about 4 hours one day, but we just hung out on the balcony. This is generally before hurricane season so not too much worry there. Hope this helps and congrats. Have a great trip.

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    I am so relived to read this we are headed down June2nd-June 10th and was a little nervous about the weather

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