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    Default What to wear

    What are you expected to wear throughout the resort and for dinners? I'm not sure what the difference is between cocktail attire, resort casual, resort chic, etc. This is our first time going to Couples and we will be arriving in less than 4 weeks!

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    During the day you will just wear a bathing suit. Have a cover up for the women and shirt for the guys. Sandals and flip flops are fine for breakfast and lunch. In the evening most restaurants are shorts and shirt for the men. The fancier ones require the men to have a collared shirt (I bring Hawaiian or linen ones), slacks, and closed toe shoes. (Not sneakers or sandals) It is a resort after all even if it is on a beach. So much easier than when the men had to have jackets at these in years past. You didn't say which resort you are going to so I can't get more specific. Just think of being repectful to others and you won't go wrong. You will have a great time.

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    Default Closed-toe shoes for men?

    Hello! Thanks for asking this question. I was looking specifically to see if closed-toe shoes are required for men in the restaurants at CN at night. I've been to other AI resorts at which that was the case, but couldn't find specific information on the website here.

    This will be our first visit to a Couples Resort - heading to CN two weeks from today!!! Please do suggest resort-specific attire ~ thanks ~ getting very excited!

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    The Lychee Restaurant and the Otaheite Restaurant at CN requires resort elegant which is closed shoes for men, collared shirt, and long pants. Enjoy.

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    All the well dressed men will be wearing jean shorts

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    We are going to Tower Isle. I have an idea of men should wear, but I'm wondering about the women. I have several dresses, that are nicer than cotton sundresses and I didn't know if those are too fancy for dinner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ORV View Post
    All the well dressed men will be wearing jean shorts
    Too funny...........oops, wrong thread!

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    "All the well dressed men will be wearing jean shorts"

    At least the ones who are Village People fans. Y.M.C.A...c'mon everyone...

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