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    Default Honeymoon 05.08.12


    We booked our honeymoon about 2 years ago and are now so excited we have 5months go!!!!!! We fly out from the UK on 05/08/12.

    Anybody else going on that date or near that date? can't wait to see you there, I have heard that the people are so friendly. I hope we fit in as we are young, 25!

    Any other adivce or things we need to bring? Also are men ok to wear short sleeved shirts in the better restaurants or does it have to be long sleeved?

    Cant wait counting down the days!

    Steph and Arthur

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    Hi Steph,

    First of all - congrats on your upcoming wedding! My honey Kendall and I (along with his brother (Kris) & his wife(Karen)) will be there May 5 thru 12. Kris and Karen are repeat Couples fans - this will be our first time. Im SO looking forward to going!

    From other threads I have read - short sleeve shirts are allowed in the better restaurants. No shorts or sandals for the fella's.

    I made a list from some of the threads of stuff to be sure and bring - bug spray seems to be one of the necessities! Ive also read that you should bring at least 3 or 4 swim suits as that is the attire you will be wearing most of the time. (swim coverups too) Did you see the thread concerning the hairdryers? Hair snatchers! LOL! So might want to bring your own. One poster said she brings a strand of Christmas lights for the patio - I thought that was a great idea as they shouldnt weigh too much in my suitcase.

    Im looking forward to seeing you and wishing you and Arthur congratulations in person!!!!


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    steph2011 and pattytrish - It would help the rest of us on the board answer your questions if we knew at which of the 4 Couples Resorts you would be staying?

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    It just dawned on me - you guys do dates - dd/mm/yyyy and we do dates - mm/dd/yyyy! LOL! We wont be there when you are there! Aw! I wanted to wish you happy honeymoon!

    Maybe next year!


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