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    Default CSA room question

    1. 1. Are the pictures on the website right? Under the Swept Away section under "accommodations" the 360 picture under "Garden Verandah Suite" looks to me like it would actually be a picture of a "Great House Verandah Suite" based on the colors (light green floor / white balcony railing). Also if you go to the map & 360 view area of Swept Away there are two "Garden Verandah Suite" little houses you can click on. One is next to the lobby in what I believe is the old section and what used to be just "Garden Suite" and that one looks like what I imagine a Garden Verandah Suite would look like. The one more toward the right in what I believe is the newer section, and just behind the Beachfront Verandah Suite and Ocean Verandah Suite has the same picture as under the "accommodations" section where it looks to be a Great House Suite instead. Can anyone shed light on this?
    2. 2. What are the actual differences (assuming not those above) between the new and old Garden Verandah Suites. From what I understand the old ones are newer because they were converted more recently, but I'm not sure how they were converted (are both buildings blocks of 12?) or if there's any differences, like bathrooms, colors, or verandah size.

    Thanks ahead of time! And for everyone's postings on here, really. Since we've decided on a destination I've been neck deep in this board every day reading about all of your experiences and I'm so impressed with how helpful and friendly you all are! Can't wait to be one of you

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    Hi Jez,
    You are right, the pictures of the Garden Verandah Suite are now of the ones in the Greathouse. They used to be of the ones in the older section which used to be just plain Garden Suites. They've updated them to include TVs and mini bars now but the colors are still the green floor tiles. The room sizes seemed to be just about the same. We like to newer Garden Verandah Suites which are shown in the view of the Ocean Verandah Suite. They just seem to be more open, bright and airy than the older section rooms. Our friends also agreed with us when we changed rooms after spending one night on the older side. The rooms on the first floor are the best where you can enjoy your early morning room service food tray on the verandah and just walk right out onto the garden path. Also some of the older section rooms don't have a wall up to the ceiling separating the bedroom from the bathroom which was kind of weird to us. But to each his own because some people like the more rustic and private setting feel to the older section.

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