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    Default Red Stripe in Mini Bar?

    I know the standard beer is Carib in the in- room mini where do you get the Red Stripe?? Is it available upon request?
    18 Days to CSS mons!!!!!

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    yes, just write on the restocking slip that you would prefer Red Stripe to Carib if at all possible. We did that last time we were at CN in 2010, and no problems mon! I would assume the same applies to CSS.

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    Hi Again Midnight Cocktails!
    All the bars, including SSB, have Red Stripe on tap. My hubby is also a fan of Red Stripe, but he won't say no to the Carib in the mini bar either!!!:-) During the evening when we are relaxing in the suite before dinner he will call room service and they will bring him multiple glasses of Red Stripe--they haven't as yet provided bottles or cans but however many he asks for they quickly bring to the room--with Saran Wrap covering the glasses! I've also requested Rum Punch and Martinis to be brought to the room and there has never been a problem!!!

    One Love!

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    I have requested it at CSA before but no luck.
    Proud palapa hoarder since 2007 !!!

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    At CSA they refuse to bring red stripe to the rooms. Carib isn't bad so I tolerate it.

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    Thanks again SuzyQ! I forget about CSS having room service! I guess drinks apply too...I'm loving CSS more & more with every thread! 16 more days til paradise...

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    I have never thought about calling room service for drinks to the room. Duh! Note to self.

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    Like the room service idea too for CSS. I would still pay extra to have Red Stripe in the mini-fridge. Usually go to a store to get it.

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    Hi Midnight Cocktails!
    I wish you and your SO an AWESOME trip!!!


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    Hi Midnight Cocktails!
    One more thing! If you happen to get a PH suite in E Block, the Balloon Bar is one flight of stairs away and they are happy to provide you with a drink or two to go!!!

    Happy Travels,

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    We had the same problem last year at CN. I was told that there was an extra charge for RED STRIPE. When we checked out we placed a comment on the card and in a couple of days, we received a response from Couples CN operations manager. He stated that there is NO CHARGE FOR RED STRIPE!
    If you are asked to pay for Red Stripe, get the employees name and report it to the guest services desk or ask to talk the the Beverage Manager. We are at CSS in 32 days and I only drink Red Stripe.
    Have fun, drink a couple for me.
    Phinns Up

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    When we were at CN in 2011 they would stock the mini bar with Red Stripe if you asked. In 2012 we asked but never did get it stocked with Red Strips. Carib is not bad but you can also ask for Miller Lite cans from the swim up bar and take some of those back to the room if you don't like the Carib taste. I actually went out and bought myself a 12 pack of Red Stripe and stocked the room myself after 4 days of being down there. No's not like they don't have enough of a selection for you to choose from anyways.

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    They absolutely provide Red Strip. Also fifths of quality Apleton Rum!!

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    Marty, is the Red Stripe in cans or bottles and which resort had this? I assume you had to ask for it instead of the regular Carib in the mini fridge.

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