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    Default CTI Spa Scent (?)

    I searched the forums but could not find the info. Does anyone know what scent they use at the CTI Spa?
    My husband and I are missing CTI like crazy. I thought I would add a little of the spa scent to ease our homesickness.


    Weddingmoon @ CTI August 2011
    Planning our return Home!

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    Isn't it the best smell! We were at CTI last year and wanted to recreate the scent at home. I did find some lemongrass oil that is close but not quite there. WHAT IS IT??

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    Coconut lemongrass Scentsy is VERY similar.

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    I got a scent from Scentsy, that is very similar and it is a lemongrass and something. Takes me back~~~ahhh.

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    For some reason I thought it was a Ginger scent.

    I will definitely check out the coconut lemongrass from Scentsy! THANKS!
    Weddingmoon @ CTI August 2011
    Planning our return Home!

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    Burbury sport colonge smells so much like it my husand wears it at least one a week. Smell it and see if you agree.

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    I bought a Tommy Bahama Coconut Lime Cilantro candle and thought I was in heaven. I think it's at least close...

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    I actually just met a gal that sells Scentsy. I've never bought from them before but I asked her to bring me some samples to smell!

    I will order the Coconut Lemongrass for sure if it smells close to the spa! I told her I might host a catalog show for her. Email me if you are interested in placing an order.
    Weddingmoon @ CTI August 2011
    Planning our return Home!

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