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    Default Giant swings for two at CTI still there?

    When we first went to CTI in 2008 it was before the renovations and there were these great swings, just
    around the grounds... When we went back after the renovation, they were not there...

    going back again this year and was wondering did they ever put those back up? We love them!!

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    We enjoyed the swings too. There were two out on the island, then one needed something fixed so there was only one left. There was one at the beginning of the dock, there even was one opposite the main bar, at the corner facing the pool. Sadly, they are all gone. Have been for some time. It would nice to have some of them back.

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    I saw at least one last year, around the garden side, by the spa. I think there was more than one.


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    No. They were old and have not been replaced.

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    We loved the swings, and have begged Couples management to bring them back. No results so far. Please, Couples! Bring back the basket swings?!?

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    Hmm, maybe we are talking about different kinds of swings. The one I saw was kind of like a bench, hanging from ropes in a tree. Almost like a porch swing. Sounds like I missed another kind from before the renovations. I love swings, maybe they'll put them back?

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    we were there 2/25 -3/3 2012 and took advantage almost every day of two porch like swings in the garden areas... I did not see however any of the basket style.

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