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    Default Booked CN! 6-12 thru 6-19

    We just booked CN 6-12 thru 6-19-12!!!! We are repeaters, but we convinced some very good friends to go along with us. I guess they are excited too! They booked before we did! We can't wait to return "Home". 97 more days! Jamaica soon come...Anybody else gonna be there at the same time?

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    We will be there 6-11 to 6-18 celebrating our One-Year-Anniversary. We spend our honeymoon at CN. We ALSO convinced my cousin and her fiance to go there for their honeymoon as wel, and we'll be there the same time they are. Good times are coming!!

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    We'll be there from June 9-16. I saw in another post about cigars. You bring the cigars I'll buy the drinks. lol.

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    See you guys there June 9-16
    Dwayne& Karen
    CN 2010

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    My wife and I will be there for our honeymoon June 10-17- were first timers.

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    That sounds like a heckuva deal. If only we can pro-rate the amount of drink consumption, and you reimburse me for that off the top of our total bill. I feel pretty positive I will come out ahead, but Id be happy to bring you a cigar for that! I see that y'all are from KS, the wife and I are from OK, and now live in TX...Once it gets closer to time to go, let us know how we may be able to locate you.

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    I think you would come out on top if we figured it that way. Especially if you plan to drink and much as me. I think a Kansas boy and an Oklahoman can get along. Especially with plenty to drink. We will definitely hook up as we get closer.

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