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    Default CSA in 4 days! Last minute questions.

    Looking forward to our first trip to CSA and the island! A couple of last second questions:

    1) Is there anywhere to do some fishing? (Onshore or off)

    2) Do we need to pack any warm clothes for the nights?

    3) What is the one off site excursion we MUST go on?

    4) What drink must we absolutely try?

    Thanks for the help! I will post a review when we get back! Let me know if you will be there March

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    We just got home so I can comment on current weather- I usually get chilled in the evenings but was very comforable in strappy dresses and tops at night. Not sure about your other questions- we tend to stick to Red Stripes as things go south pretty quickly when I try mixed drinks... I did try an Amazing Grace on someone else's suggestion and it was quite tasty. Our excursions were simply walking the beach- spent lots of time hunting in tide pools one morning which was very fun!

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    Not sure on the fishing, but I'm sure you can ask at the customer service desk. The only warm thing you might need is a light sweater or a wrap for night. We didn't do any offsite excursions (except for walking the beach) because there is way too much stuff to do on the resort. And definitely try a Hummingbird.
    Enjoy. We love CSA. It's awesome.

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    have a great time! we still have 60 days and a few weeks to go....

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    Default last minute answers

    KelEddy -- let me be the first to welcome you to CSA Jamaica, four days in advance!
    You may want to check out "Calling all March Maniacs" on the CSA meet-up site on the message board. You will find a great group of people who will also be in CSA with you. Myself included (I arrive on the 9th!!! cant hardley wait!!!!!)

    First off, you are going to love this vacation. Now let me take a crack at your questions:

    Fishing - I have done some my share of fishing but never in Jamaica. From reading through the posts over the years I believe the fishing is marginal and may disappoint if compared with Baja Mexico for instance. There are fishing charters available, you can get anything in Jamaica Mon. If youre heart is set on getting out on the open water to try your best you may want to book this through couples at the resort for the best experience. I have seen very mixed reviews from guests who book off site.

    Lows in Negril at night in March are about 74 degrees! Thats the low - likely about 4 to 5 am! that said my wife always packs a light sweater or something to cover her shoulders when we go out to eat dinner as sometimes the restaurants can be little chilly for her liking from the air conditioning. Certainly no jackets or sweatshirts are needed.

    Dont think I can help much with question 3 - I have only gone on one excursion on zip line adventure -- it was alot of fun but did take about 1.5 hours each way from CSA. Also went to Rick's Cafe a couple of times which was a really cool location but a bit of a tourist trap and full of spring break kids doing what spring break kids do best on spring breaks. CSA will have lots of info on many excursion at the lobby. Search the message board you will find lots of input on this one.

    Numero uno must try is the Key Lime Martini at the Martini Bar before dinner. Other very popular drinks -- dirty bananas at the beach, Miami Vice, Hummingbirds,,,,,,,,,,,mmmmmmmm all good. I am also partial to Salty Dogs and Vodka Slushies if you like the vodka! Of course everyone will tell you to try a Bob Marley . This is one nasty shot, worth doing once but careful more than a couple could end your night early and start your next day off wrong!

    Hope this helps , see you at CSA on the 9th


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