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    Default Looking for CSA Au Natural Friends

    Hi All!
    This will be our first time to CSA and really hoping to make some new friends. In addition to this we'd like to make some Au Natural friends to help put us at ease since it will be our first time. We hope that there are folks here that will reach out to us in search of new friends.

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    Sorry, if you are looking forward to enjoying your first au naturel experience, you'll have to wait until your next holiday, as there is no area for au naturel sunbathing at CSA. It is the only one of the 4 Couples that does not have an area for that.

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    CSA doesn't have an Au Natural beach. It's not allowed at that resort.

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    I'm sure since the comments don't post right away that I'll be the 12th person to say this but there are no A/N areas at CSA. Stinks because I've heard from people that have been to all 4 that it's the most beautiful one of all but we like the A/N aspect so we'll keep skipping that one for now.

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    Dana & Pete I hope this doesn't upset you, but there is no Au Naturel section at CSA. It is the only resort in the Couples chain that does not provide that for their guests.

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    I didn't think that CSA had any Au Natural only topless?? Let me know if this has changed would be great to know. Thanks

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    I'm sure many will chime in here. There is no AN at CSA. You could do a day trip to CN if you're a repeater.

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    You don't need to be a repeater to go to CN for the trading places... You only need to be a Romance Rewards member.

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    dont need to be a repeater for trading places. You do have to sign up for Romance rewards prior, but you want to do that anyway for pre-checkin and get credit for your nights stayed.

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    Hi Dana & Pete, maybe that was a typo eh? You really meant CSS, not CSA right? If that's true and you're going to CSS and SSB you will most definitely enjoy your first AN experience. CSS's Sunset Beach is the ideal place for a first timer to try and I highly recommend it. Have fun!
    If I was wrong and you are going to Swept Away then go on over to CN for a day with the trading places perk and you can check the AN out over there.

    Either way, you've already made the right choice in choosing a Couples Resort!

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    Hi Everyone! Thank you for your feedback and we'll take the advice and head to CN and take in the AN beach. If anyone is up for making new friends and going with us that would be nice too. We enjoy making new friends and one's that can last for a life time!

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    Irie - Nope, we're staying at Swept Away which unfortunately sounds like no Au Natural but we'll figure out something!
    We'll have to do the "trading places" to take advantage of that.
    Thanks Irie!
    Dana & Pete

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    Hi Dana and Pete! Don't be nervous!
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    Ohio Couple...looking forward to shots of Appleton and Jamaican food and the SSB experience!

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    Does the CSA beach allow topless sunbathing? We will be visiting CSA for a day (staying at CN).

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    Lol...sorry MarioKart...I think you need a trip to Jamaica ASAP!
    Ohio Couple...looking forward to shots of Appleton and Jamaican food and the SSB experience!

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    Yes topless is permitted on the beach at CSA as it is also at CN

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