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    Default Been to CN, can't decide between CTI, CSS, and CSA for May

    I have been to CN last March and had a great time. My girlfriend and I are looking to go to one of the resorts in May and can't make a decision for the life of us. Anyone have any opinions on the weather in Ocho Rios vs Negril? We're planning on May 20-27.

    We've hear Ocho Rios is Windy and that would be a downside. Outside of that we're up for anything. All the properties look great but it's hard to get a vibe for the properties as to whether they're really relaxed, more nightlife focused or whatever.

    At this point after trying to make a decision for over a week any advice that can help tilt the balance one way or another would be great. Thanks.

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    We have been to CN and really really enjoyed the time spent there. We also just returned from CTI this past August and SIMPLY LOVED every second!

    The two resorts could not be any more different while at the same time be so much alike

    You will still have all of the awesome and wonderful amenities, services and inclusions that CN had. CTI offers you a South Beach, eclectic, sexy and funky vibe while still being all about being in Jamaica.

    What called to me about CTI was the colors that were used throughout the resort. The cool blues and seafoam greens worked beautifully with the shades of Black and White PERFECTLY to create that perfect Caribbean Paradise that can only be known as Couples!

    Keep in mind the beach is not that of Bloody Bay. You will have a very nice small secluded beach with no vendors as well as a private au natural Island. We did not have any issues with the wind at all in the 6 times we have spent in the Ochi/Runaway Bay area. We have traveled to this area anywhere from late March to late August.

    I hope this helps you some. No matter which Couples you choose you cannot go wrong!

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    Well, you have to know that asking any of us to suggest one of the other resorts comes with a lot of bias. We all have our favorite. Mine is CTI. This April will be our 33 visit. That ought to tell you something. We have also been to CSS. It's gorgeous. A lot more spread out than CTI. Lots of places to discover all around the property. The best part for us was sunset beach. We spend all of our time out on the island at CTI, but SSB has a very nice beach and you can get into the water and swim around. The pool is also much larger there, so a lot of people can be in there at one time. The both have swim up bars. The lunch selection at SSB is a little more than at CTI. Jerk chicken, jerk pork, hamburgs cooked to order, salads, and usually a few other dishes as well.
    As far as the wind situation, it is quite a bit more windy on that side of the island. It can, if it's really windy, hamper some of the water activities. But if it's really hot , sometimes the wind is nice to have.
    For us, because we have gone to CTI for so many years, we know the staff and their families and they are a big part of why we keep going back.
    At CTI, the beach is very small. Maybe 100 yards or so. It is not a place that you can walk as it is in Negril. They really are distinctly different from Negril. But there is a lot to like about each one.
    CSA is more sports orientated, no Au Naturel area at all. But again, beautiful grounds, great staff etc.
    In the long run, you can't go wrong with picking either one. It's still Couples.
    good luck with your decision.


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    We've stayed at three but have been to all four(CSA just for lunch). They were all great but out of the 76 tines that we have been to Couples, 74 have been to CTI. Need I say more?

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    At CSS and CSA things are spread out and at CTI and CN things are more centralized. For example, when we stayed at CSS and CSA it was farther to get to the restaurants and workout room than when we stayed at CTI and CN.

    Each resort does a wonderful job with scheduling activities during the day and the nightly entertainment. We are early risers and usually are in by 11:00 p.m. so I can't comment on late night activities.

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