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    Flying out of Omaha tomorrow morning at 5:50!! In Montego Bay at 11:51 Can't believe its finally HERE!!! Have a great trip everyone!

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    Single digit dance now

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    8 days to go

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    Leaving on early flight at JFK, leaving Friday 10/11 5:40am and hope to be on the beach by 11am
    Coming home it's been 2 yrs hope to see staff, friends again...

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    13 days and counting!!!
    Talking to my hubby last night and told him that I am so excited about this trip to CTI - more so than any other trip I have been on!!! It's been almost 3 years since I have been back to Couples and now it's time to dig out those suitcases and start packing!!

    Mornings have now started to get cold. Wake up to frost on the car windows - temperatures ranging around 0C degrees. The morning that we leave, October 17th it is supposed to be -3C degrees (or 27F). Leaving Edmonton at 12:15am and after our connecting flight in Toronto, we should be arriving in MoBay just after 1pm.

    Looking forward to having that Red Stripe in the Couples Lounge at the airport, getting on the bus and starting our wonderful vacation!!! No phones, no computers, no kids - just me and the hubby enjoying each other's company!!

    Can't wait to be back home!!!

    Stacey & Travis
    CN - April 2011
    CTI - October 2013 (17-24)

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    Default Wheels down in 12 Days

    One more Friday & two lobster nights!!!!! It will be great to see the kids again. Ed & Lynn, CTI since 1991

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    So jealous of everyone there-- hope you are all having a wonderful trip. 13 more days for us!

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    Almost one week!!! So excited to be able to sleep in and do things uninterrupted!!! I'll miss my one year old though... But mommy and daddy need this for sure!!!

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    Be at CTI Friday 10/11 if things go right should be on the beach by 11am I hope!!
    We have the first flight into MJB so things should go easy

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    Hey Dave & Jessica
    Where you flying from? Looks like we will be at the resort at the same time!!

    Stacey & Travis

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    One more day and we'll be back hom. Please stop and say hi to the distinguished couple surrounded by our "12 children". Here is the list of the folks at CTI together. Ed & Lynn

    Jane & Phil 11-19 repeaters, 5th trip & 33rd Anniversary
    Dave & Jessica 17-24
    Travis & Stacey 17-24
    Bill & Tammi 18-26 repeaters
    Ed & Lynn 18 - 25 Newbees lisa425beth???
    Bill & Tami 18 -26
    Ed & Lynn 18-28 M&D
    Lance & Dawn 18-28
    Chris & Lynda 18-28
    Ron & Sherry 19 - 26
    Mike & Jenn 19-26 *1st time repeaters, 3rd anniversary!
    CJ & Sherry 19 -26
    Ed & Lynn 20-27
    Matt & Alyssa 21-28 <-- 1st time repeaters; 1 year anniversary

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    Just had it confirmed. We will be coming home on Friday 10/25/2013 - 11/01/2013. Mike and Chris Garland from England. Celebrating a BIG birthday. 3rd time repeaters, 2nd time to CTI, we can't wait.

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    Sorry for the late response !!! We fly to Toronto at 7:30. I think we leave the resort at 2pm

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