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    Default Weather- Ocho Rios

    Has anyone recently been to CSS or CTI? How was the weather?

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    Depends on time of year. We usually travel March or April and have always had wonderful weather at both resorts. We leave in 2 weeks for CSS.......can't wait !!

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    Just left cti. Best weather I've seen in Jamaica. Weather report said rain every day, but I never saw it. Bring your sunscreen- it's hot and the beautiful wind will keep you comfy. Perfect

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    Thanks Madtown mom, we leave in two weeks and was wondering the same. Hope it keeps up!

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    We have been to CSS the past two April's. The weather is absolutely lovely. You may have a rain shower (or two), but it does not last long. Can't wait to return again next month! You will love it!

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    We've been to Ocho Rios the last 3 years, always in March and out of that total of 24 days, I think it rained a total of 20 minutes during the day. There was one night last year that it rained for a while.

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    Just got back from CSS on March 1st. We were there for 8 days and it rained for 3 hours (11AM to 2PM) one day, that was all. Besides that, the weather was gorgeous. An occasional small cloud came through and dropped a couple of rain drops, then moved away.

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