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    Default Airfare prices , sky rocketed !!!

    Has anyone else seen the huge increase in airfare, like almost doubled.

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    When I went to book the flight on Caribbean Air from NY, that we love because of the early out late back times, had sky rocketed. We were lucky to find a AA flight for almost half the price($600 for both of us). Not direct but does get in at 1040am and leaves at 230....So we added another day at CSS with the money we had "saved" Now we just need August to hurry up and get here!!!

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    Higher fuel prices is going to make everything more expensive. Get ready for inflation.

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    Quite opposite, we paid half for our flight this time during spring break then we did last year during the same time period. Also, you are aware that when you're booking flights the prices showing now include taxes, fees, etc versus adding it at the end when you're checking out?

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    We just returned from our February trip to CN and are going to CSA in 232 days. Our airfare for the CSA trip is $500 cheaper then for our February trip on the same airlines and flights. Only difference is the day of travel. We normally go from a Friday to Sunday and this trip is short and a Wednesday to Wednesday. It really depends on, as someone said, cost of their fuel, and the timing of when you book.

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    Don't know from when you are comparing too. But since we first started looking at booking airfare in the beginning of January, the flight we were looking at has gone up $350 per person, thats with taxes and fees. We ended booking at the end of January and since then its gone up 250 per person since then. Wish we could have booked a little earlier as it would have saved us$100 each. But better than trying to book it now though. Yes it depends on gas prices, inflation, as well as what day of the week you are traveling, as well as seasons too. I based when we were going on what day was cheapest, and even looked a wk or two after what we were originally looking at, and found the best price I could for the flight that we wanted. I know people say that if you wait a month or 2 before you can get a better price, but then don't you get stuck with a crappy flight, and possibly not even get to sit with your partner? Not worth the risk to me.

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    I'm with you Kara0610! I too started looking for flights in Jamuary for our October mom & fiance' thought I was nuts for looking so early but I believe I got the cheapest fare ($442 a person) when I booked our fare at the end of Jan. I've been checking the website every other week, curious to see what the prices are & now they are like $535 a person! Glad I booked early & saved!

    My brother told me to wait because airlines always have good deals a month before, but like Kara0610, I didn't want to get on a flight that sucks & not sitting with my companion would be out of the question.

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    The prices can swing wildly if you book airfare too soon or too late. I was watching flights out of both Philly and Baltimore. Philly has a very tight booking window of about 4-5 months prior to departure to get the best price to MBJ direct on US Airways or Carribean Air. Before or after that window the price is crazy high, and flights fill up fast if you wait too late.

    BWI is more flyer-friendly with AirTran. They have a more reasonable booking curve with best pricing at 3-4 months in advance. Every airport and airline is different. I just tried to pattern all our options for flights as if we were leaving 3 months before we actually were to learn the best deals for our departure options. AIRTRAN, UP, UP, and AWAY to CN!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Its a double edged sword. You can wait and hope to get better rates but usually any direct flights are booked way in advance so a connecting flight will be your choice. We booked just yesterday for our trip at the end of the year. With East Coast weather what it can be at that time we decided not to risk a connection and book a direct flight and be done with it. We have done a connecting flight at that time of year and its so not worth it. Barely made the connection, our luggage didn't. Cost was a little more this time at $850 RT. A connection would be about $100 less. Fuel costs and less flights to JA have resulted in higher fares but it still beats walking.

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    Oh, if only a direct flight was an option for those of us on the western side of the US! If we wait we could end up with a 24+ hr flight with connections, eight hr layovers, ect. Doesn't seem worth waiting and possibly getting stuck with that!

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