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    Default how strong is the sun rays in april?

    Always gone november. I know the temps are the same just about all year. But what is the sun rays like? I am lite skinned.I don't want the burnt all week or have to sit in the shade.We have heard from someone that they got burnt all week. They couldn'tkeep the sun screen on. I will take all thoughts. thank you

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    We have gone in February, March and April. It doesn't matter what time of year you go IMO. The rays are INTENSE. I'm a blonde with fair skin and have to constantly reapply the sunscreen. If you don't, you will pay.

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    Very strong, if you are fair bring lots.

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    We went in mid-April 2010 and while my wife is quite light skinned (red-head) she did booth pre-tanning and did Ok with the burn factor. She uses spf 50 even after her pre-tan sessions due to the sun being so much stronger than we are used to. The heat and humidity got to her also. Drink plenty of water, don't let yourself get dehydrated.
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    We usually always go to Couples in April. The sun is very intense and you can get burned if you're not protected. We usually get in a few visits at our local tanning salon before going which seems to help.

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    We always go in April as that is our anniversary and you will need a good sunscreen each day. Between sweating and going in the water you will have to reapply 1 or 2 times. I always go with an SPF 30. Best to be safe than sorry. You go for the sun and fun and if you burn bad the first day the sun part is over and the fun part hard to have. I suggest packing extra bottles in zip lock bags in your checked luggage. Sunscreen is not cheap on the resort.

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    You didn't say which resort you will be at. We have been going to CTI in April for quite some time. The weather is almost great. Once in a while there are some winds that kick up, but if it's really hot, those winds can be welcomed. The sun is pretty strong, I use 50spf, my wife uses 30. But we know some people who use 6 or 12. You really have to know your limit. If you are fair skinned, I would suggest using something higher rather than lower.

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    thanks for the posts.

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    The sun is pretty intense throughout the year with April obviously being more intense than the Winter months. I've never had a problem with getting burned down there though as I've always been extra good at keeping sun block on. I also will take breaks from the sun and sit in the shade. It doesn't hurt to get a good base tan at a tanning salon before going.
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