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    Default 5 months to go, HONEYMOON!

    [COLOR="#0000FF"]We booked our honeymoon about 2 years ago now and we only have 5mnths to go so excited. We fly out from the UK on 05.08.12 and cannot wait.

    Any advice?? any information? adn essentail bits we need to bring?

    We are going to bring spf 30 sunscreen just so we dont burn! Better to be safe than sorry I suppose.

    Are menokay to wear short sleeve shirts in the fancier restaurants or does it have to be long sleeved?

    Anyone else going in August?? See you there.

    Can't wait !!!!!!

    Stephanie and Arthur :-)

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    Which resort? There is a list of people for CSA for August under the meet section. Congratulation and best wishes.

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    I took 70SPF on our trip to CTI in August because we got married on the beach there and didn't want to be burnt for our wedding photos! We switched to 45 after the wedding and still got a very good tan. Be sure to put it on MULTIPLE times a day though!

    Men can wear short sleeved collared shirts in the nicer restaurants at night. No long sleeves needed-in fact----leave those at home! My husband found several nice linen and silk collared shirts that were great for the nicer eateries.

    Weddingmoon @ CTI August 2011
    Planning our return Home!

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