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    I have seen many comments from people who have connecting flights through Charlotte about customs and immagration. While on the way to Jamaica we connect in Charlotte, on the way home we connect in Philadelphia and was wondering how smooth the process is there. Is it very far to get your bags and take them through customs and then to check them in again. We have plenty of time as we have a 2 hour layover just courious about finding our way around in a big airport and having to take a shuttle to different end of airport to get bags and then back again. Any help with this is greatly appreciated.

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    The problem with Philly is not so much the customs and immigration, but rather once you clear customs and immigration getting to your gate. Almost all of the international flights arrive into the A Terminal. More than likely, your connecting flight will not be out of the A Terminal. It is a very long walk (although there are moving sidewalks) to B and C concourse (USAirways gates). There is a shuttle to the F concourse which is where the smaller USAirways flights take off. The shuttle isn't so bad, but it does take awhile.

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    We went through customs in Philly a few years back and it was not a quick or pleasant process at all. Personally, two cities I will try to avoid are Philly and Miami. Charlotte seemed to be the best. A 2 hour layover really isn't a lot of time going through customs and getting to your connecting flights gate, so if you are planning on eating, it may be a quick bite. Hope this helps. Don

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    Just went thru Philly customs last night.Arrived in at 6:45 and Customs and Immigration were a breeze.People everywhere to point you in the right direction.Lots of signs too.At immigration they told us to go to the next open booth and when we did the man yelled at us telling us to go behind the yellow line and wait in a rather nasty voice. I looked up and the agent to the left motioned us over to him.The nasty agent then told the next couple to go behind the yellow line!?Our agent just shook his head.Guess every profession has unhappy employees.Our agent was great and fast.Hope you don't end in terminal F as its all torn up and the only place to eat was packed.

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