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    Default CN or CSS for young honeymooners?

    My fiance and I are torn between CN and CSS after looking at pics and reading reviews. The pool looks a little lame at CSS and it seems to lack beach area w all the cliffs. not sure if thats the case. Its cheaper though and still looks amazing. We are young and social but dont drink at all. Please help us make up our mind.

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    We've been to CSA for our HM and then CSS for our 1 yr anniversary so I can't compare it to CN. I will say that we had so much fun at CSS last year because the employees were constantly entertaining. We played croquet (sp?) on the lawn, bingo at the bar, trivia, pool volleyball etc. We felt that CSS was more romantic than CSA because it felt more secluded with all the tropical plants around and with the resort being more spread out. I believe there are 4 pools at CSS and we mainly used pool near the beach and several evenings I had to drag my husband out of it so we could get ready for dinner before he started another round of volleyball.

    Regardless of which resort you decide you will still have an amazing time!

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    The pool at CN is probably the best of the resorts. We are beach people though and flip-flop between CN and CSA because of the beach. We'd rather not spend all this money on a vacation and not be able to spend most of our time swimming in the ocean with a beautiful beach. Also, CN is on the sunset side, where the others are not. Sunsets are amaaaazing at CN and CSA.

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    CSS has the marvelous gardens, cliffs, intimate nooks, and 4 pools. VERY romantic. But a lot of walking, or should I say climbing. Not for fat old people like me. If you're a "Beach Person"; go with CN. Fabulous beach with "Sugar Sand". And a GREAT pool with hot tubs on each end. To say nothing of the bar IN the pool!.

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    The biggest thing to think about is are you pool people or beach people? Beaches in Negril are way nicer and larger than the man made one at CSS. CN has a large pool but CSS has a few pools to choose from.
    Another thing is the amount of steps at CSS. It is built into the hill side so half the resort requires walking up or down steps. CN is fairly flat. I do agree with AAA that CSS is more romantic. In fact we were married there. You did not even mention my favorite though...CSA! I love Couples.

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    A few other things to consider between CSS and CN is that CSS you can go to Dunn's River Falls and CN you can do the Catamaran cruise. CSS the beach is secluded for only CSS, CN the beach has resorts on both sides.

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    My hubby and I are impartial to CSS, as we had our honeymoon at CSS last July. CSS was so romantic and intimate, absolutely beautiful. For a romantic getaway, just the two of you, which is what a honeymoon is I would definitely recommend CSS, although I have not been to CN. There was still lots to do at CSS it's just a matter of getting involved with the activities. We are younger as well, mid 20s and we found that CSS was still fun yet relaxing. I have been told that CSS is the most romantic resort and from what we experienced I agree. If you are huge beach people you may be a little disappointed with the beach at CSS but we enjoyed what was there. My hubby and I loved walking the property and seeing all the lush vegetation and gorgeous views from the cliffs as our room was a one bedroom ocean suite with a spectacular view. CSS has the best views of the ocean compared to CN. Enjoy either way!!! Congrats!

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    My hubby and I have been to both CN and CSS. CN definitely has the better beach and for the time we were there at least a little bit more of a 'party' atmosphere. CSS has much better views, and is way more romantic. We saw more weddings and honeymooners at CSS than we did at CN. That being said, only you can decide which one is best for you. Keep looking at pictures and reading the message board. One of them will eventually 'call out' to you more than the other. Hope that helps!

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    Thanks everyone!!! We decided on CSS. I have never been so excited about anything in my whole life!!!! We booked the honeymoon before the wedding venue! LOL

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