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Thread: hair appt?

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    Default hair appt?

    I am getting married April 19 at couples negril. How do i go about setting up a hair appt ahead of time? Also has anyone had their hair done at the spa there? Any advice would be appriciated, this is our first time!! Thanks!


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    Im not exactly sure about CN as I got married at CSA. I imagine they are both pretty similar though. Apon arrival I made sure to make my appointment for the salon at the front desk. Congrats!!

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    Default hair appt

    I am getting married at CN 5/3. Congrats to you. You can make your appt early by going to the spa
    sight up above. Nadine Gordon is the Spa Team Leader.
    Good luck


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    Thanks!! Congrats to you also Lori, thanks for the help


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