My fiance and I are going to CSS and CN for our honeymoon, May 22-30, spending 4 nights at each resort. We are staying in Ocean Suite Penthouse at CSS and the Beachfront suite at CN. This is our first time going to an all-inclusive resort and his first time out of the country. I've tried to read up on everything we should bring and do while there, but would love advice!

What items should we absolutely not forget to bring with us? We have our own snorkels and a waterproof camera.

When can you make reservations for the restaurants? I know some people say certain blocks are better than others - is this something you request before you go or once you get there?

Only 78 days until our wedding and 80 until we are at CSS!!! We are both so excited, especially with all of the stress of the wedding. Any advice is welcome and appreciated