Well--since my first post isn't up yet I started another new one, instead of adding to my original one!!

Friday was a beautiful morning. Not a cloud in the sky. Then around lunch it clouded up. No rain. We went to the Martini Bar and then to Patois for dinner. We had the salad with fried goat cheese--yum!! Also, the soup and fish. It's all good.

Today was the same. Not a cloud in the sky and then around 1 pm a few clouds hung over the resort. We went to the Cabana grill for lunch. I had the jerk chicken. It is soooo good. They smoke it out behind in the alley. It has great flavor and just the right amount of heat. When you finish eating you still have that slow burn in your mouth--sooo goood!! After lunch I was passing out Snicker's bar and I hear "hey Scot" it was Robin and Joe. They had just gotten in and were grabbing a bite to eat at the Cabana grill. They are supposed to meet up with us at the Martini Bar. We are headed to Lemongrass, for lobster, tonight. We have never been there for lobster night. It should be fun.

Our friends, from Peoria, were getting married today, at a resort just down the beach. My wife and I walked down and watched their beach wedding at 5 pm. It was a 20 minute walk. We then caught a route taxi back to CSA. If we were locals it would have been around $2. Since we were from the US it was $8. No big deal. We made it back in time to shower and meet our friends for dinner.

Off for more drinks. Until tomorrow -- Yaz

PS.. Where are Tom and Jill --the potato chip man????? He's always here this time of year!!