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    Default How to buy Travel Insurance once booked?

    Hi all,

    When I first booked my trip (First time! Honeymoon 6/13-6/18 at CN!), I skipped the insurance but I knew I would look into the different insurances provided. Which one do you guys recommend, and how do you get the insurance through Couples once you've already booked your stay? I booked through Expedia if it makes a difference.

    thanks all!

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    You did good to skip the insurance from Couples although it does work. We had it from Couples the first time we went and had to make a bunch of claims and everything went smoothly since we had documentation and detailed records. However, the insurance from Couples DOESN'T include the flight so you'd have buy that seperate.

    The big question is what are you looking for out of the insurance? If you are just looking for a way to cancel the trip if you can't go (sick relative at home or something like that), all you need is a "lite" package. If you're looking for something with a lot of medical benefits or a lot of life insurance or something like that, get a more complete package.

    I just bought insurance through travelinsured.c*m and I did the "Lite" package and it cost me $84 total. I included the cost of my airplane tickets and I'm covered if I need to cancel. We didn't care as much about the medical airlifting and having hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical benefits, we just wanted to be able to cancel if we needed to.

    The last time we went to Couples I bought from TravelSafe and I want to say it was around $125 and we didn't use it so I can't say anything good or bad about it. I think though that I spent an extra $40 on that plan because I don't think we needed the extra benefits.

    I also used this website to help me:

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    Thanks a bunch! That helps tremendously, and I now feel better about skipping the Couples insurance when I booked.

    I'll probably just add in trip cancellation, and lost baggage.

    Thanks again.

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    There are A lot of thoughts out there on Insurance....One is its a total waste of money ....another is you MUST have it....others are in between.

    I am one that thinks you need to have all of your basis covered.

    No one ever thinks anything is ever going to happen to them....right? Who knows? Do you know how much emergency medical evacuation costs? Are you covered for this by your normal insurance policy? I have one of the best policies as my primary coverage here at home. When I called to see if we had emergency medical evacuation from Jamaica you know what her EXACT words were? "Do you know how expensive that is" I said "YES I do...that is why I am checking" the answer was, no, we are not covered.

    Jamaica's medical facilities cannot handle even the most routine of emergencies. Things like a compound fracture from a fall or JUMP from a cliff (RICKS), jet ski accident, auto accident, boating accident. ANYTHING will leave the tourist in dire straits on Jamaica. There are no ambulance services per say. Even things like a defibrillator can be hard to come by in a Jamaican "hospital". Getting to a Stateside hospital will be CRITICAL! If you do not have the $$$$$ or the insurance you will not be getting to the much needed medical care.

    The odds of any thing major happening is small I completely will agree. However when it comes down to an investment of $40.00 to make sure I have a policy that covers medical and emergency medical evacuation. You bet your last dollar I am getting it!!

    We did purchase the Couples Insurance when we booked CSA in July 2011 for a stay in August 2012. We have decided to add 5 more nights to CN. I was concerned we would have to purchase another policy. NOPE!! Randymon sent my question to his associate who looked into it. We will be completely covered while on the Island and will still retain the cancel for Any Reason as well as the no look back on the pre-existing condition. The Cancel for no reason and Pre-existing condition can ONLY be purchased from any insurer within 10-14 days of initial deposit.

    I will go to www.insuremytrip.c*om or www.squaremouth.c*omand to pick up the policy for the medical & emergency medical evacuation for about $40.00 to cover my hubby and I. The insurance for the airfare we will purchase for about $29.00 from the airline.

    I never really worried about things like this until I watched a Discovery Channel episode. They had a couple about 40 years old. The husband had a serious heart attack while having dinner. The medical care on the ship & life flight to get him back to the states was $500,000.00! They had no insurance to cover any of this.

    My husband and I work very very hard to have all that we have. To not insure our estate against this lose for as little as $40.00 is not a risk I am willing to take. I would rather not insure the actual cost of the trip before I would risk not have emergency medical evacuation insurance.

    Many people do not see it from our point of view. They assume "other" insurance will kick in or simply nothing will happen. I hope my tangent will shine a different light on the situation.

    I would also like to see Couples incorporate this into the policy or at least offer 2 policies, one with the EME option.

    Wishing everyone a very safe & uneventful vacation wherever they land ;-()

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