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    Default going to CTI in March..can I book anything ahead of time??

    My wife and I will be making our first trip to a Couples resort this upcoming March...I have read that sometimes people have problems getting reservations for some of the restaurants or some of the activities because they fill up fast..are we allowed to make any reservations before we arrive at the resort?(say a day or 2 or more ahead of time) as we would hate to miss out on something if we can avoid it..we will be arriving on a Monday if that matters at all

    any thoughts on this would be appreciated

    thank you


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    I was at css last march and had no problem getting reservations for dinner or excursions. We arrived on a wed and went down after we were settled and booked them all for the week. We went shopping, to dunns river, and made one reso at each restaurant to determine our fav for the last night. We got the times / days/ specifics (indoor vs out) we wanted. No problem mon. And since cti is bigger it will prob be even easier for you! Have a blast, march will be here before you know it

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    thank you so much, we are gettin pretty excited as we look over all the threads

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    Don't worry!! We have been to CTI lots of times - just returned last Friday. You will have no trouble booking for restaurants or activities when you arrive - in any case you need your room # in order to make reservations so you (and every other guest) are unable to book anything until after checking in on arrival.

    You will love CTI and, depending on the length of your stay, you will not miss out on anything. Length of stay is relative as not all activities take place every day and the weather can affect water based activities.

    Enjoy your stay in paradise, can't wait until we return. Soon come

    Mad about tennis

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    We just returned from CTI and our trip was amazing. We would recommend booking the Catamaran before you arrive. It was so popular that even though we tried to book the minute we arrived, we were put on the waiting list.

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    When in March? We will be arriving on the 20th. Staying ten days. Can't wait! First time to CTI.

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    We will be arriving on March 18 for a week at CTI. First trip to a Couples resort 2nd trip to Jamiaca. Last time we went to Negril and thought we would try the other side of the island

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    Mgraulie...have you posted in the Meetup Message Board yet?? We'll be there on the 22nd of March, always looking to say hi to everyone before we actually meet!

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    I didn't think you could book the cat cruise ahead of time.

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    We arrive on March 19th...if you cant book ahead of time, I guess I will cross my fingers and roll with sounds like a lot of you will be there while we are there, (njfuninthesun) maybe you can book us on the catamaran since you be there a day ahead of us ......Just add Mike and Karen I just need to get a little pre tanning in before we hit the's a balmy zero degrees in my hometown today so needless to say the wife and I are looking forward to the trip



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    You can't book before you arrive. But, when you arrive, you will get a form and you can fill this out for restaurant reservations and cat cruise. They ask for first choice and 2nd choice. You can book a private dinner prior to arrival, but I am not sure how. No worries. We only book things we know we want when we arrive and take the rest as we feel like it.

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    Hello Minnesotaman! My husband and I love in Northern Minnesota (TRF) so we to are so happy to be getting out of this tempature. When I went to work one day last week just the temp was -18 then the wind was nasty as well. The only thing that made me not cry walking through our looooooong parking lot to the building was thinking of the Jamaica sun & heat. We have been doing the pretanning thing too. Hubby is golden brown but I am not even close. I have went 5 times and the only thing I got is a itchy red rash all over my back and legs. My thoughts...I am giving up on tanning, I figured people will have shades on so the whiteness of my skin shouldnt bother them. lol Hopefully I dont burn there.

    Dave and I will be there from Jan 27-Feb 3 so if you wanna keep in touch feel free to email me and I can tell you all the in and outs of TI and share our photos with ya. Enjoy your preparation and dont stress out. (I have done enough of that for all 4 of us!)

    Where are you and your wife from?

    Tara & Dave

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    Will try to remember to book a spot for both of you on the cat.

    Grew up in Chicago and spent many a vacation in MN fisghing for walleye. Boundry Water canoe are is special. You think they will have walleye in CTI LOL

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    Hi Tara, We'll see you and dave in 3 days. We should be getting to the hotel about 3pm friday (if it was like last years travels). We're looking forward to the friday night's lobster.

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    Karen and I live in Winona, SE corner of the state along the Mississippi....55 days until we get there....have fun on your trip..I gotta say I'm a little envious that you'll be heading out this week

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    Minnesota Man,

    We're from Shakopee, MN. We'll miss you by about 10 days, I think. Hope you enjoy your trip!!

    Tara & David, enjoy your trip! Can't wait to hear how you like CTI & Couples!

    Steph & Jeremiah

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    I will be at CTI on March 9. I called guest services and booked Fridays Lobster dinner already. I only had a few
    time choices left.... Probably due to the lobster!!

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